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Reports say holiday hiring is up this year


POSTED: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 8:31pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 8:49pm

Auren Taylor is looking for work.

He recently moved from a small Arkansas town because he says East Texas has more employment opportunities.

"Anything.  I'll do seasonal, temp to hire, temporary, full time, permanent, I don't care, I've got a wife to take care of, so I've got to find something," Taylor said.

Laura Eubanks with Tyler's Target store says many Americans are just looking for any extra work during the holiday season.

"I've seen more people that are retired this year than I think I've seen in the past and then just people looking for extra work during the season to help provide for their families or to provide the things they want to have for their children for Christmas," Eubanks said.

Eubanks says holiday hiring for her store has been pretty consistent over the last couple of years.

One nationwide job search site shows: Sears, JC Penney and Macy's are the top holiday hirers in the country.

Although retail is not what Taylor is looking for, he's hoping even a temporary job will get his family through.

"I applied for a seasonal - till June of 2011 - working on a dairy farm out in Ben Wheeler, Texas.  So hopefully I get it," Taylor said.

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