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Resident’s water issue leaves East Mountain council, city in uproar

Resident’s water issue leaves East Mountain council, city in uproar
Longview News-Journal

POSTED: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 10:00am

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 10:14am

Two council members voiced confidence in their mayor, two abstained and one continued to lay out her case accusing the mayor of wrongdoing when the East Mountain City Council took a vote of confidence in Mayor Neal Coulter on Monday.

The vote came at the beginning of a heated, nearly two-hour city council meeting in which councilwoman Maryann Johns and several East Mountain residents voiced disapproval of the mayor’s actions, while Coulter and another contingent of residents demanded proof of what they called unfounded accusations.

At its heart, the dispute centers around a conflict of one man’s petition to the city for water.

A four-month delay in fulfilling the request, which ended in part when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality threatened revoking the city’s right to provide water if they failed to comply, left several residents and Johns believing the city’s holdup to provide the man water was more personal than professional as Ken Miller intended to place recreational vehicles on property near Coulter’s land.

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