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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm

Ride for the tigers

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 9:02am

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association galloped through Sunday morning, "Riding for the tigers". 

This event hosts a friendly competition at Texas Rose Horse Park, where they raise money for the Tiger Creek Sanctuary. KETK spoke with Kimberly Brunson, a riding instructor, who said, "We're have an A.O.C. which is an arena obstacle course, which has 8 obstacles in the arena, and they're judged". Through this fundraiser, they plan to raise more than $2,000. Brunson sad, "We're all animal lovers, and there's lot of people that take care of the dogs and the cats and the horses, but there's not so much on the tigers". 

Almost 30 people participated, including A.C.T.H.A. members who still enjoy riding, even at 70-years-old. One of these riders, Katy O'Mary, said, "It gives older riders like myself, with knee braces, a way to enjoy the horse". Of course she isn't the only one. Another 70-year-old rider, Marianne Marsden, said, "They make it easy on those of us that aren't as nimble as some of the younger ones are". 

So this event mixes a little competition, with fun for all ages. O'Mary said, "It's just a real good deal for horses and riders. Everybody from kids to people 90 years old do it". 

Winners of the obstacle course trot away with another medal for their collection. O'Mary explained, "Everyone is helpful, there's good sportsmanship, nobody is cutthroat for points or anything like that, it's a lovely bunch of people". 

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