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Riding in the "Devil Dog"

Friday, July 4, 2014 - 10:51pm

Friday afternoon the B-25 known as the Devil Dog, touched down at Tyler Pounds Airport, in preparation for the Annual Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake air show.

"It's an honor to be center stage on that for even a brief period of time, and we're up there making noise for quite some time during the show," said pilot Mark Frederick.

Looking at the aircraft is one thing, but riding in it, that's a whole new ball game.

"lLt me tell you there is nothing more exciting than to ride one of these war-birds," said museum president Carolyn Verver.

But this is not a commercial airline.  It's a weapon, not built for comfort, but for combat.

"If you talk to anybody whoever flew a B-25 they will tell you how loud this airplane is," said Frederick.

"People talk about their bucket list, this should be on everybody's bucket list, is to ride one of these war-birds because it is well worth it," said Verver.

Unlike a ride at a theme park, this trip carries the weight of history, our military's history.

"This is a historical event, flying in the airplane let's you participate very deeply in the historical event and you can see and feel, hear, and smell what those fellas went through," said Frederick.

"To be familiar with these airplanes and have a passion for loving these airplanes, it's just carrying on our history of aviation," said Verver.

So as long as the Devil Dog, and birds like her keep soaring through the air, the memories of those who fought for our freedom, will never die.

"It's a huge honor, the only way I can put it into words," said Frederick.

Everyone is welcome to see all the historic aircraft on July 5th, right behind the aviation museum, and can stick around to watch them take off for the air show later that night.

If you want to take a ride in the Devil Dog, it will cost $425 per person.

But you can also reserve tickets for a discounted price at this link:

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