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Robert E. Lee students host special homecoming celebration

Robert E. Lee students host special homecoming celebration
Tyler ISD
Monday, October 7, 2013 - 10:53am

Homecoming is an exciting time of year for students. Sparkly mums, festivegarters and school dances help mark the fun fall tradition.

This year, Robert E. Lee High School junior, Megan Abrameit, wanted to makesure that students in the REL Life Skills class were also included in the festivities.

Megan, along with seven of her friends and fellow Leeclassmates, hosted a special Homecoming Dance on Friday, October 4, exclusively for the Life Skills students. At the event, Megan and her friends presented homemade mums and garters to each student, served cookie cake and joined themin dancingto their favorite tunes for the rest of the class period.

“I have a younger sister with special needs, so it is something I am passionate about,” Megan said when asked why she wanted to coordinate the event. “We started last year by creating just a few mums, but wanted to do more this year.”

The group of girls met at Megan’s house to create the mums and garters and personalized them for each of the fourteen students that received them.

“I’ve known a couple of these students since middle school,” classmate Lincoln Shaw said. “They are our friends, so it is really fun to watch them react.”

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