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Roof Scammers


POSTED: Friday, April 12, 2013 - 6:36pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 12, 2013 - 6:43pm

After a storm and right before the summer time, these are when the roof scammers come knocking on your door.

The scammers will try to convince homeowner's their roof needs repair and will charge a fair price for the work.

But, the experts say don't give in.

If someone shows up to your house in an unmarked car, does not have any references to show, and tries to make you pay all up front or all cash, it's probably a scam.

"You really want to check the company out first. Dollars are very limited nowadays and its worth it to do your homework before you give that money to anybody else," said CEO Mechele Mills with the Better Business Bureau.

Mills says the roofing industry receives the most complaints over any other industry.

There are about 8,000 people a year ripped off by roof scammers.

Mills says make sure the company they are claiming to be with exists, and get at least three estimates in writing to check for consistency in price and work.

"Go online, see what their track record is and see if they actually make good with the promises they make to their consumers."

But, because Texas does not require general contractors to have a license, some say the scammers give the good ones a bad rep.

Lonnie Johnson has been a roofing contractor for 20 years

He says the best way to go is local.

"The companies that have sustained and been in business for several years, local companies are really harmed by the actions of these roofers. Try to get references from them, talk to them for a minute ask them more questions than they ask you," said Johnson.

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