Safety concerns in construction area


POSTED: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 10:02am

Transportation officials in Tyler are installing a raised median around the intersection of Highway 64 and the Loop to cut down on accidents.

Now, a few frustrated drivers have been cutting through the construction cones and into the workzone... creating some dangerous conditions.

"we've put a lot of engineering and thought into the devices that are being used and the implementation of those devices to make sure it is as safe as possible .... not only for the safety of the travelling public but also for the construction workers"

If drivers are caught cutting through a work zone or speeding, they can be hit --- not just by a car --- but a citation and a fine.

"just exercise caution... slow down a little bit. look for things that are going on."

Construction employees may be working on the road morning or night, to get the project completed.

"We do appreciate the improvements.... people are just impatient"

Drivers won't have to wait long. Construction should be completed in a few months.

"Then we will be off the roadway and people can enjoy the safety benefits and the new travel lanes out there free of construction cones and barrels."

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I typically see expanses of construction for months while few (if any) workers give the area moderate attention. This should be an "ant bed" of activity completing the project ASAP with crew bonuses for early completion.

I understand why drivers are running through the work zones. Take a look out there! Mile after mile of empty lanes blocked off by orange cones, and not a single worker anywhere in sight.

Perhaps TxDot could focus on blocking off somewhere only when they have someone working in the immediate vicinity.

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