Safety first: East Texas stun gun business shocking customers with low prices


POSTED: Friday, May 2, 2014 - 9:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 5, 2014 - 1:20pm

Gun and ammunition prices are at an all-time high, so many are searching for cheaper yet, still effective alternatives to protect themselves.

One Tyler man is helping locals stay safe, one stun gun at a time. On the corner of I-20 and highway 271, you can see a yellow sign against a  car, that reads, "Stun Guns, $15". This is a business created by Butch McIllwain, "Butch's Personal Security Products". KETK spoke with Butch McIllwain, who said, "You know stun guns are something that would really help people out and make them feel more secure". These stun guns prove very useful, launching 15 million volts of electricity towards an attacker, and 3.46 amps. Also in his collection are various forms of pepper spray.

Many drivers pass by the sign and pull over, making a pit stop to grab the goods. One customer said, "See I'm afraid of guns, so I think it will be good protection for me". Another mentioned, "You know my wife goes shopping sometimes late at night and I thought the stun gun would be perfect to have a little extra security".

McIllwain has been stunning customers with these low prices for the last three years. All for a weapon that has no restrictions in Texas. McIllwain said, "It's great for a low crime area where you're walking to the parking lot and you don't feel secure carrying a gun into a building at night, and not all buildings will allow guns. So this will get you back out to your car where your gun is". All you need to do is press the stun gun to an attacker, and click a button. The best places to aim is a person's neck or side.

You can find McIllwain across from Texas Best Smokehouse, Tuesday through Sunday, and he can be reached at (903) 752-3077.

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Police departments recommend carrying a whistle.
They're given out free at community events across the country.
With all due respect this gentleman makes it sound easy to use.
As he says you need to press it against your attacker's body.
You can warn your attacker to stay 15* yards away with a whistle!
A loud noise like a whistle or car horn will attract attention & scare the attacker away.
Also,stun guns aren't 100% effective- batteries wear out & some are defective
Whistles always work.

Greatest fault with stun guns is you have to hold it to the attacker for several seconds for it to be effective. During that time they may punch you, knife you, throw you to the ground, and just plain shoot you with a real gun.

Notice LEOs use Tasers, which while they have faults to, they do their deed from a distance, not hand-to-hand range.

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