Salvation Army on helping illegal immigrants: "They are still humans"


POSTED: Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 12:10am

UPDATED: Monday, July 21, 2014 - 2:01pm

Over the past week, we reported stories concerning Salvation Army offices providing food and shelter to illegal immigrants, and we had some strong reactions from our viewers about this issue.

According to Chantel Millin from the Tyler chapter, their position is simple, they are an organization founded on helping people in need, and whether or not someone is in this country illegally does not have any bearings on whether or not they get that help.

"Our mission statement, at the end of it says, that we are free to meet the human need in Jesus name without discrimination, the end of it, without discrimination being the main part in this particular subject," said Millin.

It's a particular subject which many, especially in border states such as here in Texas, have very strong views about, which is illegal immigration.

Many question whether or not outreaches such as the Salvation Army, should provide services to illegal aliens.

"If someone comes to us and they need lodging or they need some sort of social services such as maybe food assistant or clothing assistance we're here to meet the human need, and illegal immigrant or not, they are still human by that right if they have a need we're here to serve it," said Millin.

However, there are requirements to receive certain services from the outreach.

"If they have a service they are in need of that we can provide we just ask them to bring us some sort of identification so that we can include that in file and then we help," said Millin.

The organization looks to distance itself from either side of the hotly debated conversation.

"The other portion of that, the political portion or whatever, is not necessarily the portion that we're here to attack or fight or defend, but we're just simply here to help, and again illegal or not illegal, humans are still humans and they are still in need of assistance," said Millin.

When it comes to the daily meals the Salvation Army provides, they do not check for identification.

Millin also wanted to emphasize that this organization does not just help Americans , but has a presence in 126 countries.

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The solution is simple yet gov't refuses to enforce the laws.
Yet, all levels of law enforcement turn their backs.
Corrupt BIG business= BIG PROFITS= payoffs be it campaign contributions or favors.
White Collar Crime costs US taxpayers $Billions.
Corporate WELFARE= $Billions more.
STOP hiring Illegals & none will come.
The Good Ol' Boys are getting rich off YOU!
Corporate GREED is destroying the middle class.
Report violators.
Send Good Ole Boys to jail.

Make sure you ask them to tell others about free food and lodging in Tyler. Put signs in spanish on the boarder and in other cities. Tyler can be a new area for them to lodge and enjoy all the free services provided.

According to the Salvation Army, Illegal Immigrants are still Humans. Let me say this. I have supported the Salvation army for years with donations. I help fill their kettle and donate during the year. I remember years ago when the Southern Baptist association was caught giving a weekly percentage of their collections to the United Negro College Fund. I never gave another dime to them. I remember when a portion of the Methodists collections were found buying guns for the Contra Rebels.

Well Texas Cowboy I hope that you are a native American because if you are not your ancestors were also immigrants at one time. My only hope is that they were treated as poorly as you appear to think that these children should be treated. I am embarrassed that there are Americans like you.

Yes they are still humans, so are bank robbers, thieves, terrorists, etc... now in virtually every country (except apparently the US) it is a CRIME to come into their country illegally and it is punishable by lengthy prison sentences to do so.

We cannot just open our borders as this WILL DESTABILIZE THE COUNTRY. No telling how many criminals, anarchists, terrorists, drug runners, etc... Are coming in with all these illegals.

Who is to blame? Who is ordering it? We all know it is Obama.

I will have to side with the Salvation Army on this one, they are just doing what they are supposed to do. I don't like illegals any more than anyone else, but like the headline says " They are still humans " and you can't blame them for coming to this country to better themselves. Blame our government for letting them come here and giving them all our resources, jobs, letting them buy houses, cars, land, opening businesses, giving them drivers licenses, etc. Oh, and the people that employ them.

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