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San Antonio weatherman says MLK slur was mistake


POSTED: Monday, January 20, 2014 - 8:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 10:41am

The station issued an apology via Facebook

The Houston Chronicle is reporting;  San Antonio weatherman apologized for using a “racially insensitive” term while referencing Martin Luther King Jr. Day during KABB FOX 29's morning broadcast.

Meteorologist Mike Hernandez referred to the upcoming holiday meant to celebrate the life of the civil rights leader as “Martin Luther 'coon' Day.” The word has historically been used as a racist term to refer to African Americans.

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suz, the color of a person's skin means absolutely nothing to me...good people are good, bad people are bad...period. As for you, you're not worth anything more than a "." at the end of this sentence.

Still full of hate huh, I know it shows. You need some help and soon. Never saw anyone so full of hate, especially a self proclaimed Christian. Try asking the Lord for help and comfort, He is always there for you and all you have to do is ask. Try to have a great day, go fishing or do something you enjoy doing for a change.

Its not just the South and Texas Pete, just look at what happened in the Zimmerman- Martin case where millions of people from coast to coast were rioting before they even knew the facts. Then after the trial they could not accept the verdict and you read stories from all over the U.S. where people were beaten for no reason and told that it was justice for Travon. Also note Pete this weatherman Hernandez like Zimmerman are of Spanish decent, not white, but white people always get the blame.

This clown can apologize all he wants, but the fact that he said this disgusting word confirms that it is part of his internal thought process, publically hidden until now, otherwise, where would the word come from? So many in the South and in Texas just haven't gotten the concept that we're ALL Americans, all worthy of civil consideration, and all accountable for what we say...and to say this garbage on TV, with thousands listening, is nothing short of moronic. Wonder what his next job will be?

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