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'Secede!' Thousands nationwide want their states to leave union


POSTED: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 11:33am

Texas leading the charge

It's not just Texas.

There are petitions for nearly every state asking the government to peacefully let them go to start their own government.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Texas was leading the charge with around 80,000 signatures.  With likely thousands more by the time you read this story.

Tammy Blair is with the Texas Nationalist Movement.  They wanted secession before secession was cool.

She says even though the open petitions do make a statement, they're not going to work.

"You have to understand that you don't ask.  Freedom isn't given.  It's taken," Blair said.

She says here in Texas, citizens have to pressure representatives here in Texas, and they'll hopefully issue a referendum so the idea can be seriously talked about.

"This is a peaceful movement.  That's important.  We're not looking for war.  And if people think that we are, we're certainly not.  It's not a racist movement, it's a movement about liberty," she said.

Many East Texans agree.

"I think Texas probably should be its own country.  By looking around, I think Texas is doing a lot better than the rest of the country," said Dustin Williams.

So what if this actually were to happen?

We asked Tyler Junior College government professor, David McClendon.

"Think about all the things that we would be giving up!  If we're no longer citizens of the United States, we are no longer members of social security, so anybody receiving social security would lose that completely and totally," McClendon said.

And you think we've got border problems now...

"Not only would we have the border issue on the Rio Grande but we'd also have the border issues with the other states," McClendon said.

Politics aside...what about football?  Can UT still play Oklahoma?

What about the Dallas Cowboys?

Blair says the East Texas chapter of the Texas Nationlists are meeting this Thursday in Tyler if anyone would like to join.

Secession is the hot topic.  More information on that below.


What:  Smith County Texas Nationalist Meeting
Sponsored by:  Texas Nationalist Movement
When:  Thursday, November 15th, 2012.  6:30pm
Where:  The Diner (7924 South Broadway Avenue #1000 Tyler, TX 75703)
About the event:  The Smith County chapter of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is holding a General Information meeting on Thursday in Tyler.  The purpose of the meeting is to familiarize local citizens with the organization goals to promote, secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of Texas.
TNM is experiencing explosive growth that began before the election was called last Tuesday.  The website has had several million hits over the last week and membership is skyrocketing.  Many Texans are realizing that growth of the national government will not be checked by either party and central planning will continue with collectivist, one-size-fits-all policies.  As a result, large numbers of Texans are seeking a restoration of the Rule of Law and self-determination.  TNM believes that this discussion is necessary and timely.


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Would one of you crackpot lame secessionists please invite a like-minded relative or friend who wants to move to Texas to contact me as I've got a lovely new home I'd like to sell to facilitate a swift and clean move out of this rebel territory...I was amazed that armed rednecks didn't come out firing after Obama/s re-election, but guess the sucession nonsense was the next best thing for racists in all the states taking up petitions to secede...and most of you are in church on Sunday morning?

Read the book:

This is a free download. To get to the meat of the issue start on page 171 and after you see the issues go back and read it all.

petite3302 , WHY DIDN'T YOU AND THE OTHER IDIOTS CALL FOR TEXAS TO SECEDE over the WMD lies??? Could it be that y'all are just a bunch of score losers or is it you just can not stand having a black man for your President? Can you answer eithe question?

I totally agree with Don. How stupid can these people be! It's about as smart as our govenor, Rick Perry.

Really? What kind of government would they be, one w/o the support from the IMF, w/o good education (we're already lacking in that area), w/o border control (I'm not against people who really comes to work), etc, etc? That gives me an idea what this people might have for "brain". On the other side, it might be nice to see everybody working and not living from my taxes...bye-bye Lone Star card!!!!

In your analysis of the motives of this movement I believe that you all are placing too much emphasis on the economy and too little on proper governance. In short, I affirm that the members of the movement wish to counteract the growth of federal government beyond its constitutional bounds (a counterraction which preserves individual liberties) by restraining governing authority to a more local and more controllable level and thus protect their liberties from an overreaching government

Texas has everything to be self-supporting! Turn these other idiots loose and we can run our country(TEXAS) like we expect it to be run with a little religion and a whole lot of COMMON SENSE!

yap, we don't need the rest oif the country, we can balance our budget and with the oil and gas reserves can reduce taxes. We can aso get rid of all the illegals and protect the border without worrying about what the federal government thinks

yes I think Tex and any other state should be allowed to have a government under GOD not under our present government leaders, who can't tell the truth to the American people. Why should we support a government like that. A government who stands by and watches our seals and ambasardor be murdered and not send help.

You must have had your head in the sand these past 6 months or so as the teavangelical repub candidates around the country spun lies like spiders spin webs...starting with Texas, you've got a puffy-haired slick rick, smirk on his face, stripping education, thumbing his nose at regulations to protect clean air and water, playing Russian roulette with women and children's health care...wouldn't doubt most secession-minded states are red, run by mad men who love their careful, small one!

You are talking about 4 U S citizens but what about the WMD lie by Bush and the GOP that is responsible for, As of May 18, 2011, 4770 American servicemen that were KIA in Iraq?


it's not hard for 80,000 people in texas to secede from the union just cross the border into mexico and you got you a new government and i am sure 80,000 would be glad to take their places go texas

The Feds should take every name on these petitions, compair them to the social security rolls(after all the SS list is good enough for Tx. to use to keep citizens from voting), medicare/medicade rolls and Veterns rolls and stop all payments any of these people may be receiving and they will find out real fast what it will be like if Tx did leave the UNION. Just think America would save trillions of $ and could probably be out of debt in 6 - 9 months.

Appaerntly, you are ill informed. (Not a big surprise, most of you government rats are) Houston, Texas alone, has the 37th largest economy in the world, Texas as a country, would have the 10th largest economy in the world. And the USA without the taxes, and industry from the south, would quickly crumble, and need to borrow money. Within 30 years of a southern secession, we would be involved in a war to our north with China, who would ultimately end up owning the Northen US.

this is not 1850, and we here in the South, are not near as ignorant as you people believe. Texas would not leave alone, there are currently people in 50 out of 50 states seeking secession. I have not seen the stats, but I am CERTAIN that the southern states combined, have a stronger economy that the US, and with out us, you would be a third world country, Socialist, and wanting warmer climates.... Keep your hope and change, and move forward into your socialist hell.

"out of debt in 6-9 months"?, "America would save trillions"? I'm open to discussion but please be reasonable. I hardly believe that our nation which spends in excess of $ 3 trillion annually would save enough trillions to offset our enormous debt by getting rid of one of its fifty states. Additionally, the money for medicare, etc... originates from the taxpayers so with less gov't to pay for, it seems that Texans would recieve more benefits from their own money as a separate, smaller gov't.

The feds are subsadizing all of the Texas businesses that pay minimum wages by funding the lone star cards housing assistance and utility assistance for their employees. IN TEXAS EVERY MINIMUM WAGE EARNER THAT HAS ONE CHILD QUALIFIES FOR EVERY WELFARE PROGRAM....H3LL EVERY $10,00 AN HOUR WORKER WITH ONE CHILD DOES TOO. DO NOT FORGET TEXAS HAS MORE MINIMUM WAGE JOBS THAN ANY OTHER STATE. Think Tx could fund all of that without the feds?....stupidity at its finest.

The Federal Govt. would be saving all of that WELFARE money that it sends to Texas which amounts to more than what Texas sends into the Fed.. That savings alone would more than likely clear the national debt.

Tammy Blair and her group of CRY BABIES are just plain stupid. Lets tink for just a moment, if Texas were to leave the UNION there would be no more Social Security payments, Medicare payments, disibility checks for the disabled citizens and veterns, no more road and bridge funding taxes on all exports to any of the other states...etc etc. Texas is one of the poorest states in America when you look @ household income per capita and in the top 10 poorest funded schools in America.

I'm not sure which liberal talkshow host you have been listening too, but your facts are crap, and have absolutey no truth to them.

Texas has one of the highest poverty rates in America, more minimum wage jobs than any other state in America, the highest insurance rates in America and the most un-insured children in America, the highest teen pregnancy rate in America and one of the highest high school drop out rates in America. YUP TEXAS IS DOING GREAT. WE ARE ALMOST OUR OWN 3RD WORLD COUNTRY NOW JUST WAIT TILL THE FEDERAL $ STOP FLOWING IN. IDIOTS!!

AMEN. If any of you signing those petitions are vets receiving compensation or care under the VA or have a VA guaranteed home loan, you can say good by to it. Texas can't fund its own National Guard, over 75% of the funds comes from those nasty feds. PS I am a Native Texican - got that, my roots go back to before the Texas Revolution (which my ancestors participated in)

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