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Self-sustaining house being built in Cherokee County


POSTED: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 6:23pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - 10:18am

CHEROKEE COUNTY - All eyes right now are on a small gated community in Cherokee County. With roughly six hundred residents, one home being built stands alone.

Michael McCraw with Lakewood Property tells KETK, "This area of Lakewood is being prepped for a house that is totally self containable."

But, besides being a house with no water or electricity bill, the strange thing is what it's made out of....things that most of us throw away.

"As you can see there are all kinds of tires and stuff that people, normal people throw away and there putting it back into the ground and use it to help this house take care of itself."

A company called Biotechture Training is responsible for build we're told, and the hope is that more of these homes will be built in the future.

Precinct Three County Commissioner Katherine Pinotti, who declined to speak with us on camera said not only will these types of house save the county money by getting rid of some of their used tires.

So how can the house be self sustainable?

We're told solar panels will charge batteries providing the house with electricity. The house will also catch water from the sky and water pumps will also provide additional water which is filtered before making it's way into the house. Sewage is processed through a filter which eventually ends up feeding plants, and of course the plants are part of a greenhouse which will provide fruits and vegetables.

It may surprise you but one of the most attractive things about a dome home is the price which is roughly the same as getting a new car. According to the companies website a 1250 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bath house will run you about $20,000 to build.

To find out more information about the house, click here.

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This mess looks like a landfill gone wrong!I thought it was illegal to stack up tires on your property?According to the covenants and bylaws you cannot use your property as a business for financial understanding is Biotechture is charging people to come into lakewood and show them how to build this home....

But you have to REMEMBER, "THEY VOTED ON IT" so its ok. I feel sorry for the members that have to look out there back window and look at the trash! Per the County Commisioner its a GOOD PLACE TO DUMP YOUR TIRES!

I live in Lakewood... My hubby & I are extremely interested in being a part of this project. In response to "violating Bylaws"... Respectfully... HA! - Being a resident, I can say although a decent neighborhood with decent people, I hear So Many complaints as to the Gate #1, Roads #2 and the many dilapidated houses that need to be torn down & moved! If we are to argue Bylaws, I see these examples as More Important to argue than something GOOD for Us, the Future and the Environment. ~

Lakewood never amended or filed the new state laws into the bylaws in the county, so we do Not have any bylaws at the present time. Legally, they can do whatever they want right now..... AND so can EVERYONE else!!!! So lets all PARTY and to H--- with the Totally wonderful board. If you have a complaint about this building, take it up with the board,.... but thank these people for setting presidence for ALL of the other residents. Now we all have a few more liberties than we had before.

Wow, what if a lot of people saw this and realized that they could live comfortably without a mortgage? And what if those people learned how to grow their own food? At that point they would have food, shelter, and's most basic needs COVERED. They wouldn't need their money jobs, they could spend more time with their children, learning how to play instruments, become writers, thinkers. What would the world look like if this way of life caught on?

Hope they know where this home is being built at is a Property Owner's Association with Restricted Bylaws and Restricted Covenants of the property. The builder and The Board Members have totally violated the Restricted Bylaws and Restricted Covenants.

You are so right! I agree. There is proof of the violations. How funny, the so called President himself, has violated Bylaws and Coveants. First one: is by allowing his family to profit off of our memebrs dues. Yes there is proof. Now the Secretary of the Board is allowing her son-in-law to profit off of the Memebrs. But thats ok because they voted on it!!! What a Joke. Second one: The Ballots were mailed to EVERY MEMBER. The Proxies are so confusing. How can you sleep at nite as a BOARD MEMBER

CORRECTION: Ballots were NOT mailed out to every MEMBEr to cast thier own vote for who they would choose. State law supersedes all BYlaws and Covenants. Guess thier ATTORNEY hasn't informed them of it!!!

The person interviewed in this story is the President of the Board. The Board voted unanimously approved Biotechture Training to build on any site in Lakewood.

How do you know they have violated Bylaws? Can you please support your statement?

The website you are looking for is.

Biotechture Training does not grow food in SEWAGE. We grow food in Aquaponics.

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