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Selina's story, the Joseph Miller connection

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 10:24pm

Many in the Mineola community were shocked when they found out Joseph Miller had been arrested on Monday, for murder charges in Pennsylvania that dated back to 1981.

They knew him as a deacon by the name of Roy Eugene Eubanks.

However, one local family says they knew him, for who he really was, and they believe he also had a hand in murdering their daughter, Selina McDowell.

"She was a good person, she believed in doing for anybody, and she was my heart too, and he took that away from me," said Faye McCann, McDowell's mother.

McCann has been grieving her daughters death since 1991.

"She was good, me and her had a lot of fun together, we shot pool together, we just, she was next to me, we just spent a lot of time together," said Selina's sister Brenda James.

On September 20th 1991, Selina McDowell was found dead, with a gunshot wound to her chest.

The conclusion was suicide.

"I really don't think she killed herself, which I know she didn't," said McCann.

They believe Joseph Miller is responsible, who they knew as Roy Eubanks, and was in a relationship with McDowell.

"I didn't like him from day one, but I tolerated him because of her," said James.

On April 21st, 2014, 78 year old Miller was arrested in Mineola.

He had been on the run for decades, evading authorities in connection to a murder in Harrisburg Pennsylvania back in 1981.

Now, with these recent developments, and Miller's relationship with McDowell, the Mineola Police Department are taking another look at Selina's case.

"They would have never reopened it had not it been for this, it would have been a cold case," said James.

 "I'm proud of that, cause I really want to know what happened," said McCann.

They want to find out what really happened that fateful September day, to their daughter and their sister, to the woman they called "Red."

"Justice has been served, even though it won't bring her back and he's where he is, but, justice will be served, not just for us but for the other families," said James.

Mineola police chief chuck Bittner said they are looking back into the case, but said it will be a difficult process since it did occur back in 1991.

But McDowell's sister Brenda James said she wanted to thank not only the local police department, but also those back in Pennsylvania.

She said without them opening this door to arrest Miller, this new investigation into her sister's death would have never happened.

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