Sen. Cruz 21 hour speech on the senate floor


POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 28, 2013 - 12:34am

Sen. Ted Cruz tried his best to stop it but the Senate will move forward with the temporary spending bill.

Cruz began his long speech on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon.

21 hours of protest against ObamaCare, throwing in quotes from children's books and TV shows like Duck Dynasty to fill time.

"Anyone who votes to cut off debate on this bill is voting to allow senate majority leader Harry Reid to fully fund ObamaCare. That's a vote I think is a profound mistake," said Cruz.

He also had a hand from some of his fellow colleagues like Sen. Marc Rubio and Mike Lee asking him questions and support from Rep. like Louie Gohmert.

But despite hours of protest from Cruz., the Senate voted to debate the temporary spending bill.

They will now begin a series of votes to approve their own version of the government funding bill, and then send it back to the house.

Sen. Cruz urged the Senate to vote against supporting the bill- and risk a government shut down.

But, Republican Senators John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell disagree with Sen. Cruz's tactics.

"The only disagreement is about the matter of tactics how to best advance the ball toward that goal," said Cornyn.

In an interview with KETK, Sen. Cornyn said he does not support a government shut down.

Cornyn said he wants to protect the Republicans from being blamed by the Democrats.

"All republicans in the Senate certainly and virtually all Republicans in their House are in favor of defunding ObamaCare and stopping it from creating a hardship on the American people."

All 100 senators voted to push the bill forward, and now Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to strip the defund ObamaCare language.

The amended bill will go back to the House, giving lawmakers a couple hours to make a decision.

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I wonder if any of you fools posing this room are native Texans. If your not, I can understand your stupidity in voting for and supporting OBAMA, However, if you are a native born Texan then your ancestors must be really proud of you (not). I don't many native Texans who support Obuma or any of his policies, especially Obamacare. Along with a majority of citizens from other states we have sent a strong message to hose who represent us that, This is a bad law and we don't want it."

You surely must have been educated in Texas schools (47th out of 50 in national education ratings) because you're a pathetic speller and typist, and haven't got a clue about sentence for being a Texan by birth, even more important than your elitist position, I am an AMERICAN citizen by birth. And, since most Texans are ignorant and faux news/beck/Hannity/rushbo clones, again, it is THE PATIENT PROTECTION AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT!! Opt out of the AHCA, and good luck with that!

Cruz has been on most of the media outlets because of his actions in the past few days. If this does nothing more than alert some of the non informed, he did what he was after. No matter how it all works out, the more America knows about health care law the better off we all are.

The bottom line is this ObamaCare is here to stay and you low life free loaders with no insurance are now going to pay something for your health care like it or not.

socialism?? what are you talking about? The ACA regulates private insurance companies by making them spend 80 % of the premiums that an individual pays on actual health care and not advertisement, bonuses ans huge CEO pay and profits. It also makses freeloaders with no insurance pay for their own medical cost by buying insurance or paying a fine. ALL OF THE INSURANCE IS WITH THE PRIVATE COMPANIES that is NOT socialism.

This narcissistic buffoon is brilliant in his own mind, but a walking disaster for not only Texans and the repub/tea swiller party, but for the nation as a whole. Who does this loud-mouthed right-of-right clown think he is, and what voters would vote for this sorry mccarthey wanna-be? Oh, that's right...loud-mouthed right-of-right clowns who deserve any and all ridicule their "golden boy" is receiving...what a disgusting, miserable, elitist fool this smarmy little toad has become!

Cruz is that necessary "pressure-release" valve required to prevent the masses from marching on Washington and dragging the bums into the street. Most Americans don't understand what has happened to their nation, media has done it's job well to re-direct anger through their tools of divide. Pete 1911 is pleased with a socialist/fascist America and does not realize that Cruz is enabling his dream to become reality by appeasing the angry masses with his futile but principled rhetoric.

Well, Joe, it seems you belong to the tea swiller crowd who, even grudgingly, approve of what anti-American tripe teddy garbled for his 21 hours of all means, when you are eligible to participate in the PATIENT PROTECTION AFFORDABLE CARE ACT provisions, please don't hesitate to opt out of any and all options...we don't want you to compromise your standards...and don't you dare label me anything but a patriotic, loyal and dedicated American citizen again...ever!

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