Senator Wendy Davis kicks off campaign for governor in ETX


POSTED: Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 17, 2014 - 9:15am

Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis continued her campaign for governor right here in East Texas. She made an appearance Saturday at Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler before moving on to Longview.

The elections are less than eight months away and to win governor, Davis would need to beat Republican candidate and current Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Saturday was one of her first stops along her campaign trail and it was a full house as she spoke about her future plans if she is to be elected governor.

Davis is pushing several state issues, from transportation to education, but her primary focus is on the Texas Equal Pay Bill and bringing equality to the Lone Star State.

"We've got to get our cost of college education down so that we don't have so many students coming out of college with student loan debt that they cannot afford to pay," Senator Davis said. "[The Equal Pay Bill] is so important because women are being paid 82 cents on the dollar to what men are making in the same job."

Republican State Senator Kevin Eltife also stopped by to say hello and greet his former colleague.

"I served with Senator Davis in the senate, having immense respect for her," Senator Eltife said. "Obviously we disagree on policy and issues, my hope is that we have a good competitive race discussing issues and the vision of the future of this state."

Davis personally spoke with those in attendance and says she looks forward to her continual support from East Texans.

"It inspires me that people across the state are looking for new leadership and they are going to help make this happen," Senator Davis said.

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Saw a bumper sticker in Tyler a week ago..."Don't Californicate my Austin"...if anyone has a problem with California invading Texas, you can start the blame game with ol' slick rick...check out his campaigning for Occidental Petroleum's move to Texas...would REA:LY love to know what concessions he gave the company to move here and just how much it is going to cost the taxpayers of this state...knowing slick rick, he probably promised the moon at our cost.

I am a bit concerned about bringing California politics to Texas although she has history in dealing in Texas stuff. The california stuff has a lot of things that are not working. This open carry concept she is said to support I am not sure I hear it is wishy washy a bit I hear so it maybe among other things she can not be backed up on sticking to either. Perry for doing so and really right for protecting his beloved pet made a good backing stance on guns and his belief by shooting the coyote

There's lots of misinformation going round about Ms Davis lying on her resume.
I googled and found some interesting facts.
Her two daughters support her 100% as a MOM, Senator & gubernatorial candidate.
They don't have to- yet they do.
They could just keep quiet - but they publicly supported her as soon as the lies came out.
Her ex- the source of the lies- is nowhere to be seen or heard.
The story has died because it was a lie.
The lies came from Abbot's camp.
I don't vote for known liars.

Your last thought says it all, Town...Ms. Davis DOES have a fire in her gut...listen to her as her campaigning continues and builds during the next 7+ months.

Unless I missed a critical bulletin, Texas is still part of the US and elections are not decided before the last vote is counted, deaf!! Cast your vote this November, and be assured that I will cancel it out as quickly as I can get to the polls. ...and, by the way, you've just stripped any doubt anyone could have had about your being a sexist pig along with all the other negatives that could be said of your character, opinions, rants and gun worship. You're really quite tiresome, deaf.

I hope you are right Deaf Smith and as for Eltife respecting her, that's hard to believe. Ask her about her views on abortion Kevin

Why is it these days that there are no real choices in elections other than crook, crook, or crook? There used to be more candidates running for offices, we need some new blood in politics. Davis? Don't think so, she starts out her career by lying about her past to get people to feel sorry for her and supposedly supports everything that Democrats oppose. Once again we are left with nothing but crooks and idiots to vote for." None of the above " would be a better choice.

Davis has a snowballs chance in a mid-summer Texas heatwave of winning.

Folks here know better than to elect a Democrat abortionist fake conservative.

Hope for change in 2014. Looks like lots of Dems need to brush up their resumes.

Outstanding candidate with a message of change for a state stuck in a good ol' boy mentality...Wendy is a breath of fresh air for those who are sick and tired of ultra-right holier-than-thou repub/teatroll rabble, has plans to move this state forward in education, health care, a clean environment, leaner, more efficient government, and getting rid of a status quo government machine that has all but ground to a halt. There WILL be change in Texas in 2014, and it WILL be Gov. Wendy Davis!!

I will give her serious consideration.
She is a "get it done" type of person & I like that.
Too many pols are sitting on their thumbs & not thinking with their heads.
Many are bought with money.
That's why we're in the mess we are.
I like Tyler because it's officials are "getting it done" and it shows.
We need more of that on the state level.
I have the feeling Abbott is too complacent to deliver.
Ms Davis seems to have a fire in her gut - I like that.

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