Severe weather updates

POSTED: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:14am


Oncore reports outages of just under 5,000.

The Tyler area shows the most at about 2,000

Jacksonville and Sulpher Springs 1,000 apiece and 200 in Canton.

SWEPCO also reported 220 outages in the Longview area.

Crews are working to get power back to all of these areas.

Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department say many houses have been destroyed.

If you live in the Longview seek shelter immediately.

If you live in Kilgore seek shelter immediately.

Poyner is reporting 10 to 15 homes damaged along with a church off of Highway 175.

In Canton, the Chevron station is damaged. There is one overturned 18-wheeler that is being uprighted. No injuries. Many power lines are down. I-20 will be closed for a while.

Tyler sirens are activited. Please take cover in the Tyler area. There is pea sized hail on the south side of Tyler and on Broadway.

Their is a possible tornado near Coffee City. It is moving east southeast towards Bullard and Noonday.

The Gilmer Police Department is reporting a tornado is headed towards the city of Gilmer. They urge all citizens to take cover. There is also marble sized hail falling.

There have been reports of damage to businesses in Canton. Numerous power lines have been reported near Highway 19.

There has been a report of a tornado touching down in Wood County 5 minutes ago in the Golden Community on County Road 1799. There is also reports of rain and hail. People in the community need to take cover.

The national weather service has issued a tornado warning for Northwest Smith County and northeast Wood County until 6:35 p.m.

Smith County DPS reports I-20 head toward Canton has been closed. Traffic is being diverted one the east side of Canton from Highway 17 to Highway 64. The west side is being diverted from Interstate 20 to Highway 64.
ayor in New London says hail the size of quarter to half dollar.

Golf ball sized hail reported in Mineola.

Van Zandt County is reporting heavy damage in the area

All emergency vehicles are out.

There have been reports of cars off the road, damage to houses, downed trees and power lines.

The Van Zandt County Sherrif's Office is reporting a tornado at Highway 110 and FM 1225.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's office is reporting Canton has a rotation on ground at Highway 243 in front of the High School and quarter sized hail at Myrtle Springs in Canton.

There is a possible tornado in the Waskom area.

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The people at this station only care about inflaming people politically. They could care less about tornados unless they can blame them on a politician.
This station is a pitiful excuse for an NBC affiliate. All of their "news" is politically slanted and their weather department is never there when they need to be.
A real "service" to listeners.

Butford G. Pasquale

I never voice my opinion in forums but I am going to now!!! I totally agree with Mr.McPherson, I live in Frankston and was oblivous to what was going on around me. My son who was 2 hours away from me called and told me about the tornado hitting by poynor and coffee city. My husband and I sit here in our home watching channel 4 becuase we can't get out local which is Tyler and not one time did they break in and say there was a tornado (except earlier in the evening when one hit Canton). I am really upset about this and something needs to be done!!!!!!

I cant believe y'all only broke in here and there to let us know what was going on with the bad weather.Was that stupid TV show more important than the safety of the people in east Texas?Channel 7 was there the whole time the storm was coming through.A little weather box in the corner of the TV screen does not help much.Very disappointed.

If you want accurate weather report use on your computer. Put in your zip code

I live in the Lee Spring area between Flint and Gresham. We had lots of rain and up to quarter sized hail and lightning, but we never had any wind and I saw no evidence of a tornado. I watched the horizon during lightning flashes but never saw anything that look like a funnel cloud.

I live in the Larue area. I want to know how the FCC can tells us that our local stations are the Dallas Fort Worth area when we are only 35 miles from Tyler.
As you know, tonight there were several tornadoes that touched down. One only 5 miles from my residence. My understanding is it took two homes. I was completely oblivious. The rain wasn't that bad; the wind wasn't that bad. I didn't have a clue. I have a friend in Athens who has cable call me to see if we were okay. Until that point, I had no idea we could be in any kind of danger.
Since we are forced to pay for decent reception, we should at least be able get proper weather warnings.

I'm glad that the other network affiliates in this area care about those of us above I-20. We just had horrific weather and you guys were nowhere to be found.
Did you use up all of your resources bashing someone in politics instead?

butford g Pasquale

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