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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

Shooting at crime-riddled Tyler apartment


POSTED: Friday, October 19, 2012 - 5:39pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 21, 2012 - 5:37pm

Earlier this week we reported a story about the reoccurring violence at the Varsity Place Apartments and just today we were inside the complex while police were investigating two different buildings after a shooting was reported.

Around 9:30 Friday morning, police got the call. Tyler Police PIO Don Martin told KETK, "We're trying to figure out who is the real victim here."

Police say it centered around 19 year old Bradley Jackson who had a meeting in his apartment with 19 year old Sirbrycelon Shelton. Police say after this meeting, Jackson felt threatened and then Shelton reappeared in Jackson's doorway. "So he pulled out his gun, and shot him," said Martin.

UT student, Lucy Morales said, "We heard screams, and we just saw blood pouring out and the floor was just bloody, it was really scary." After the shooting, police say Shelton ran off. Marin said, "We followed the blood trail from building number 8 to building number 21."

"It's just really threatening that we have to come home to this," said Morales. "The only way we get alerts is through UT Tyler, through their emergency program." However Morales said she did not receive an alert when we were talking to her around noon. She said, "I do think the management could do so much more but honestly I just think they care about getting their money."

Another resident, TJC student, Lisa Sullivan said, "I was doing homework and I saw you guys outside so I just went to KETK." She already wanted to move out and after today she had simply had enough. She said, "I'm just leaving they can keep my deposit I don't care I don't want to get shot." Police found Shelton at Good Sheppard Hospital in Longview. They say he is being transported to Dallas for surgery.

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I'm wondering how many years that it will take fo rthis town to realize that it is not a UT problem, but rather TJC. TJC is bringing this to the community through their Football and basketball scholarship programs. The shootings, the burgleries, the robberies... all TJC. What criminal ring broke into the pawn shop and ArmyNavy Store twice? TJC. The car break ins? TJC The King drug ring? TJC Clean up those programs and you will clean up the city.

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