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Friday, August 8, 2014 - 6:25pm

The mall and other stores are going to have a busy weekend. Jeans, shoes and crayons are just some things from the list of items you won't have to pay taxes on this weekend. The savings have East Texans ready to shop. Parking lots at shopping centers around Texas were packed for tax free weekend. It saves Texans money on school related items. Crystal McDaniels has worked at Buckle for the last ten years in Tyler.

"As soon as we opened up, we had a couple people waiting outside. So, they wanted to beat the crowd I guess you could say. We've been pretty steady all day so far," said McDaniels

"Tax free weekend, you save $8.25 for every $100 you spend," said the Broadway Square Mall Director of Marketing, Candace Foster.

The savings brought in a lot of families in need of back to school gear.

"It"s definitely the busiest weekend of the year," said McDaniels.

"I'm out here trying to buy some kids clothes and buy me a couple items," said Tom Garrett.

Peggy Boyken said she is shopping for clothes and school supplies for her grandkids. Shoppers said they expect to save a lot of money.

"I plan on saving a couple of hundred [dollars]," said Garrett.

"With the coupons and everything [I'll save] probably a couple hundred of dollars," said Boyken.

It has Texans excited to explore the mall and save some money.

"I love it, saves me a lot of money," said Boyken.

"Not only do we have our regular guests come in and do some shopping, but we see a lot of guests we don't normally see come in and make sure they are getting the savings," said McDaniels.

Most clothing, backpacks and school supplies are tax exempt, but each item must cost less than $100 at its regular price. The deal won't save you any money on jewelry or non- school related items.

"Sometimes people are a little discouraged about that," said McDaniels.

There are still plenty of items that will save you some money. Here is a link to the full list of tax exempt items.

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