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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 5:58pm

Shot East Texan: "With six bullets, they missed every vital organ"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 10:39pm

SMITH COUNTY - Questions still remain in the shooting of 25-year-old Thomas Ray Morrow, but investigators say they are making progress.

Authorities say they found Morrow's stolen car nearly 100 miles away in Garland, but the carjackers are still on loose. When they're caught, Smith County officials say they will face some serious charges.

"We want to identify these suspects in this car, and right now they are looking at aggravated robbery."

While the carjackers are still on the run, many people following this story are asking this question. How can someone whose been shot 6-times be released less than 24-hours later from the hospital? Morrow say the doctors told him was unbelievably lucky.

"They said that with six bullets they had missed every vital organ."

Bill, Morrow's father, say this near-death-experience for Morrow wasn't the first time.

"He was beat up here in Tyler, and he said they were trying to kill him, they were choking him, they had mask on and I'm thinking this is the same people that did it."

If the Morrow family is correct, it would seem the second time they tried to finish the job. The gun used to shoot Morrow in that open field off highway 310, authorities say they are still trying to identify what caliber it was. For the moment, at least, the Morrow family says maybe the best thing right now is change.

"I'm moving him somewhere else, this has got to stop."

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