Should concealed handguns be allowed on college campuses?

Should concealed handguns be allowed on college campuses?

POSTED: Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 4:33pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 26, 2010 - 4:04pm

A few days ago, we told you about a proposed bill that would allow concealed handguns on college campuses.

Kilgore College President Bill Holda doesnt like the idea.

He cited a shooting that happened at a Luby's Restaurant in Killeen almost 20 years ago, as an example of concealed handguns gone awry.

But - that example was wrong.

There were not multiple shooters - only one man, who killed 23 people in the massacre.

What lead to today's concealed handgun permits was the argument that innocent people could have defended themselves.

We called Mr. Holda back today... to see if this information changed his mind.

Holta said: "Yes. I was incorrect. But that doesn't really change my opinion of it being an ill-conceived and really a bad decision. I think an individual who worries about crime and wants to carry a weapon in an open environment has that right -- and I defend that. I just don't think that in our educational environment, given the way we're structured, its going to be practical."

Mr. Holda says that the risks of concealed carry on college campuses greatly outway its benefits.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

Click here for a link to a website with statistics on concealed carry deaths. (Violence Policy Center)

Click here for a link to the Texas Concealed Handgun Association website.

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Anyone who wants to learn the facts, statistics, and arguments supporting the legalization of licensed concealed carry (of handguns) on Texas college campuses should start by reviewing these two documents:

Further information can be found on this website:

Anyone that has passed the background test, and gun safety test, and has earned their Texas conceal carry permit, should be able to carry their weapon anywhere they please within the state of Texas. Including colleges, churches, court houses, airports, etc.

Defend ourselves against what? On campus? Come on... I'm no bleeding heart pacifist - I'm a soldier(retired), a card-carrying NRA member with a t-shirt that says'If you want my assault rifle, come and take it'. But what good is a campus full of pop guns against one shooter who decides to barricade themself in a high strategic place with a long gun and a scope? Ask the people of Austin, or northern Virginia. Be more wary of the pen - we can deal with the sword.

It's funny that you mention Virgina Tech, since the first shootings there were done with handguns, killing two people. Had those two had handguns of their own, perhaps the rest of the killings never would have happened. Then Cho went to another area, and began shooting classrooms of people with handguns again. 35-40 more people were shot as he entered their classes. Try reading up on the what happened and tell me again that CCW was not something that would have entirely changed the incident.

I absolutely do believe that concealed handguns should be allowed on college campuses, as long as the people carrying the weapons have a valid permit.

My question to everyone who thinks concealed guns should NOT be allowed anywhere...campus or otherwise. Who would you feel safer with? Someone who has undergone a background check and taken a written and actual shooting test with a gun OR someone you know nothing about?

For the record I am a liscensed concealed permit holder.

I think we ought to be able to carry a gun legally whereever we go. But if you are carrying a gun you better be ready to prove you are licensed to do so!

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