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Should illegal immigrants get education benefits in Texas?

POSTED: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 7:43am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 3:12am

A new report out by the Dallas Morning News says, more than 12,000 illegal immigrants are benefitting from in-state tuition and financial aid at Texas colleges and universities this fall semester.

In recent years, more than $34 million has gone to help fund the education of those illegal immigrants, or their children.

The report goes on to say, those illegal immigrants who graduate from college, have an even harder time finding work after, due to their illegal status.

What do you think? That's today's topic of conversation with our radio partner, KTBB.

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erick, you are an idiot. illegals should be shot

This isn't a case of provide illegal immigrants money or be a racist. That's not even logical.
Someone on here mentioned Hitler, last I checked Hitler rounded groups of non-Aryan ethnic groups and sent them off to Concentration camps for forced labor or death. Most people who are against immigration are not suggesting a Hispanic Holocaust not even imprisonment for being here illegally.
People simply do not want to be burdened with paying for other peoples' costs. All of us could make a case that if you don't pay our costs of education you're an inhumane and greedy racist.
And if you want everyone in America to have an equal chance at education why don't YOU pay for it?

Should citizens of the US get educational benifits in Mexico? Maybe a job? Health care?

The US and Texas were founded on equal rights for everyone. If we don't educate the people living in Texas we will end up paying for them in prison at a much higher cost.

Equal rights for everyone paid for by everyone right? Oh legal residents of Texas pay for the roads and schools and various infrastructures. Perhaps some illegals do pay taxes (I mean all taxes not just sales tax, are they the majority?
And speaking of equal rights for everyone, what is equal about giving someone a free ride through school financially and academically based on race or lack of legal status? What about the students who get in on scholastic merit and have to pay? Or the child that would have gotten in on scholastic merit but couldn't because he/she was crowded out by a quota? Doesn't sound too equal to me.

If you aren't here legally , then why should i pay a penny for you to do anything legally. Go back to your country and come back when you can come here legally.

For you people that are not to familiar about public assistance you need to know that only those that have socials and are here legally are able to get this assistance.This goes for disablity, SSI and other types of assistanceif you are unable to get this assistance is because you may be doing something wrong.Also, before you people where griping about illegal immagrants being a danger to the community and are criminals; now that they want to get an education to better themselves you have an excuse for that. Make up your freakin mind!

No,illegal immigrants should not receive any benefits of any kind! There are plenty of American citizens that could use these.
If they are illegal they should be sent back to where they came from!

Are we missing the meaning of the term "Illegal" here?

Man! We still have racist people in the U.S. These people are selfish, and have negative opinions about "illegals", They only see the wrongs of others, but don't see how many illegal immigrants are actually working in jobs that Americans will not take. I heard all of the comments people stated on the radio, I was shocked, and almost thought that these people were related to Adolf Hitler.I support that the U.S. should educate every person who is willing to get a higher educations, regardless of their illegal status.


Definetely it is a really interesting topic.

Considering the financial difficulties in the United States, and the amount of our national debt, I don't think we should be providing education or medical benefits to illegal aliens. If we stopped providing so many benefits and perks, they would not be so inclined to come to America. Maybe then we could get the deficit down and take care of our own citizens.

Not only no - but H=LL no. Enough is enough.

WHY NOT, They already use and get into OUR Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid systems and it's even easier for them than our own citizens.

Let's not get the cart before the horse. Make them become citizens first before giving them the benefits of living here.

Illegal aliens are not immigrants.They entered this country illegally and should be classified as criminals. The U.S. in under no obligation to educate them or provide health care. Treat them as we would be treated if we entered mexico illegally.

No way!! My husband and I struggled and sacrificed to help our children get an education. There is no way an illegal immigrant, or the children of illegals, should use my tax dollors to help get an education. This theft, and other hand outs to illegal immigrants, must stop!

Ok lets see here an illegal immigrat is some one who moves into the country without aprovel of the goverment or powers that be, So did we have aprovel from the american indeans to move in take their land while we where looking for a better place to live, I have worked with a lot of these "Illegals" and have seen for myself they will work harder and work at jobs that a lot of people wont take,At the same time they pay their taxs and spend a good amount of their income here, Dosent that count in there favrit


This is really sad. Real Americans cant get education or health benefits but,of course we are paying for the illegals to get educated.
Sad, I am embarrassed about this for America and Texas alike!!


There are things like getting a higher education that we as TAX PAYING AMERICAN CITIZENS cannot get because of the expense, BUT Illegal immigrants can come over here illegally get a free education, free medical, take part in our social welfare system that should be set aside for the American who pay tax’s into that system. This free stuff is not free, so much for social security. OBAMA health care must be stopped. It is unconstitutional and illegal, will turn our country into a land of dependency. The Supreme Court needs to put a stop to this madness NOW.

The key word is 'illegal' and our money should be spent on our children. Too many here need jobs and this has got to stop. I think this is gone far beyond sanity! Stop all the 'freeebies' and they will go home where they belong. They are having massive amounts of children just to legally stay and I say if they are born here they should go home with their illegal parents!

no they should get deported

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