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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Should public schools exclusively teach "abstinence only" sex education?

POSTED: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 9:52am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 6:45pm

New study finds "abstinence" education works in public schools. East Texans Sound-Off.


New study finds "abstinence" education works in public schools.

East Texans sound-off on whether they think abstinence only or with other forms of sex aid need to be offered.

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the issue is that parents are not teaching kids about sex! So many parents hide their head in the sand and think that Johhny or Jill will not have sex. Kids also have a pretty good bullcrap radar. If you tell them that sex is bad, they are going to ask why you have sex. If you tell them that they should wait until they are married they are going to ask if you waited. I attended school that taught abstinence only. The pregnancy rate was much higher than in local schools that taught nothing!!

Where is the proof that abstinence only is working. Teens are going to have sex. When they make that decision. We should be informing them of the truth, all the risks that come with that big decision, and all of their options for protecting themselves.

Keep sex ed out of school !! sex should be taught by parents. the school is being used as a day care center.PARENTS TEACH YOUR CHILDREN !!!!!!

Yeah but is that fair to the kids that their parents don't care? How else are they going to be taught unless the schools incorporate the classes into the education?

The pro-abstinence people say it works, pro-abortion people say it doesn't. A.C.L.U. argues it violates separation of church and state. I'm a pro-abstinence person, But I recognize the need to also teach other forms as well.
Teen pregnancy isn't helped by the attitudes of especially some teens; e.g. I overheard two girls, maybe mid-teens, as they passed where I was working in a store. One could not understand why their unmarried friend had not had a baby yet. Some parents are permissive even supportive when it comes to their teens sexual activities.

Texas currently ranks #1 in the Nation for the HIGHEST TEEN PREGNANCY RATE.....SO WE ARE FAILING IN TEXAS YET IN ANOTHER AREA.

No, I think that protection should be taught along with abstinence the way that abstinence is being taught as stated in your story. Not a moral issue as a goal orientated issue but they should know all there is to know about sex so that they can make an informed decision if they do make a bad choice to have sex.
I agree with Katie it is the Responsibility of the Parents first and foremost to teach their children about sex and how it will affect not only the child’s life but the lives of the whole family.

The charge to teach children was given by God to parents. "Train up a child..."
The school should reinforce parents training.
That said, the "abstinence" program is working as in your story, so yes, carry on with the program.

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