Shreveport woman says pedicure got very ‘weird’


POSTED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 10:32am

UPDATED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 10:39am

A Shreveport woman says her pedicure got very “uncomfortable” when she says the nail tech started groping her thighs.

"Is he really doing what I think he is?"

That's what Lawanda Warren says she was thinking when she got her first and probably last pedicure at Style Nails in Shreveport.

She says this cellphone video shows a male nail tech crossing the line when he started massaging her legs.

"The massage kind of got weird, because he went up my legs. He kept going up and up and, then, he was up under the towel. You know, just groping my thighs," said Warren.

That's when she said she pulled out her cell phone to catch him in action.

But nail tech Huey Tran says he didn't do anything wrong. He says the video shows what is supposed to happen when a customer wears a dress: a towel covering her legs and a quick leg massage.

Customer Karen Emerson says after nine years of pedicures from Huey, she's never had an issue.

"I always wear pants, but if anybody came in with a skirt or a dress on, he would put a towel across their knees, and that's as far as they've ever gone," said Emerson.

But Warren says her pedicure went further.

"It made me feel ashamed. It just bothered me the whole weekend," she said.

CNN affiliate KSLA reports warren filed a police report and the Shreveport police department is investigating.  

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