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POSTED: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 6:22pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 3:47pm

The gun control debate seems never ending.
Both sides claim the logical or moral high ground, and it’s a multi-faceted debate.
Mass shootings like Newtown or tragic accidents involving kids with guns.
They both have something in common. Someone who wasn’t supposed to, was able to pick up and shoot a gun.
But most responsible gun owners worry…what if my gun is taken from me? What if it’s stolen by a bad guy? Or worse yet, what if a child picks it up?
What if when that happens, the gun is disabled? That’s the idea behind smart guns.
In the latest James Bond film “Skyfall,” he is given a gun with a grip that recognizes his hand.
“It’s designed for your thermal signature, so only you can fire it,” he is told.
In other words, make the gun only shootable by the person who owns it.
Several companies are working on a system. Some operate with sensors, like the Skyfall gun, where like a touch pad, the gun only recognizes your handprint.
Or it can be a radio chip like a smart credit card or electronic door key. You would where the chip in a ring or watch or bracelet.
Steve Prater is the manager of Lock and Load.
"I think it's great idea,” Prater says. “I have nothing against it. Handguns, in particular, handguns take a lot of abuse. You have that slide slamming that frame on every shot, the muzzle blast, the impact. It's going to have to be something really, really rugged until I knew for sure that it was really reliable. I wouldn't want to get caught dead holding one. Literally or figuratively."

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Smart guns ain't smart. Smudged finger prints, horse voice or background noise (if voice activated), oil on the fingerprint pad, low batteries, etc.. no thank you. The technology is simply not there despite James Bond.

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