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POSTED: Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 6:06pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 29, 2013 - 6:07pm

Electric smart meters are in the news again.
Chris Smith owns Lone Star Exteriors which handles home improvements including siding, solar panels and windmills.
And he has a beef with our local electricity delivery service, Oncor.
“Our initial 8-9 months of power bills had a TDU charge of around $15,” Smith says. “It  fluctuated. In October of last year, we got a TDU charge of $265. And the following month of November it went up to $365, and it hasn’t changed since then. That’s the cost past on by Oncor to deliver power to commercial locations. We’re not disputing the fact that there are TDU charges. We’re disputing the fact that they’re so exorbitant. “
Oncor’s Charles Hill says, “It looks like what’s happening is when he comes on in the morning, he comes in and turns on his heat, and the electrical resistance heat that’s associated with this heat pump, comes on for a 15-30 minute period of time, and establishes that peak.”
“My shop over here, I’ve got heavy equipment in it,” Smith responds. “We’re using some heavy juice over there.  And I’m still only paying $15 on the TDU on that.”
“What he’s done is, he’s gone green,” We told Hill. “Solar panels, windmills etc. ,and he’s cut his usage by about a third, but his bill doesn’t seem to change.’
‘Well, I think it’s a little early to see the result of all the going green,” Hill responded.
“Again the fairness issue,” we countered. ‘If you are now using less energy, why should you be billed for something you historically did. That’s not you anymore.”
“We have to be able to recoup our costs of being able to serve whatever is out there. And he has that historic demand,” Hill answered.
‘We are running on absolutely minimal power here and yet it takes $500 to keep the fluorescent lights on here. It makes zero sense,” Smith concluded.
Hill said they will continue working with Smith to find the problem.
We will check back to see if it has been resolved.

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