Smith Co. Sheriff's Debate gets testy: Green vs. Smith


POSTED: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 10:21pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 13, 2012 - 3:20pm

Tonight's Grassroots of America, We The People debate got a little testy at times.

While candidates Bobby Garmon and Donn Rust couldn't attend, Chris Green and Larry Smith duked it out to a packed house.

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@ Stephenglee did you read Larry Smith's pledge to the citizens that he put out weeks ago??? There is not a stronger gun rights activist nor a stronger defender of the Constitution than Larry Smith. Please get the facts before you spread rumor. If you want to vote for a 20 year game warden because he's your friend go ahead, but call it that. Don't make up lies about Larry. VOTE LARRY SMITH

T. Town - please learn about DPS. The best law enforcement agency in the State. The Sheriff's Office often uses many facets of DPS. Aircraft, Texas Rangers, Highway Patrol, etc.. One of Larry Smith's staff will be a retired director of DPS who left two years ago!. AND a less than 2 year retired Texas Ranger Lieutenant with some of the best training in the world? Green is going to bring the Troup and Whitehouse PD Chief, both who are RETIRED from the Sheriff's Office. Really??

Larry Smith has no clue about anything around here!!! Just keep watching this stuff about the precinct 3 and see who is the one that started all this. It will all lead back to Larry Smith having his hand in it.Chris Green knows more about this county than anyone else. ATF has nothing to do with county

I am jstamom, jstagrandmom, jstaniece (of a retired head gamewarden), jstasister (of a retired Houston PD capt.), and I am jstawife (of a Tyler PD sgt.) ~~ Mud slinging may go a long way with some folks, but in reality, it's what people do when they don't have the facts or credentials to plead their case. I'm afraid your information comes from the wrong source. My candidate has the facts & credentials, so I don't have to sling mud. =) LARRY SMITH IS THE MAN FOR SMITH COUNTY SHERIFF!

Wrong again, Larry has been living in this County for years and has worked numerous cases in this county. And what kind of nuttt conspiracy theory are you listening to now? Larry has no say whatsoever in decisions made by the Smith County District Attorney's Office. Being a game warden has nothing to do with being a sheriff !

a sheriff's office. I hope to call Mr. Green "Sheriff Green" after the first of the year.

If you want a 20 year game warden (talk about non relative experience for the job he is seeking) with no supervisory experience and catchy slogans then your on the right track. If you want a man who brings unbelievable credentials and experience to the table then you need to re-consider. Larry Smith is hands down the more qualified man for the job, the only one of the two with experience in a sheriffs department, supervisory experience and criminal investigative experience.

Chris is only attacking the years since Larry's county law enforcement experience because Chris has none! And the talk from Chris about rotary phones being used when Larry was in charge of a sheriff's office criminal investigation unit is a joke considering Larry has utilized technical equipment during his career that Chris has only dreamed about! If Larry seemed Cocky last night its only because he became tired of being on the receiving end of misrepresentations by Chris!

And all the talk about Larry Smith the Fed who won't defend your gun rights are ridiculous. Im pretty sure part of Chris Green's duties as game warden was to make sure your gun was legal, had the plug in it, etc. Does this mean Chris does not believe in the right to keep and bear arms? Ridiculous! Larry will always stand up for law abiding citicens right to keep and bear arms! Any of the canidates other than Bobby will provide "a fresh start"!

I enjoyed the spirited forum tonight hosted by Grassroots of America. After careful consideration, I have decided to vote on Chris Green. Larry Smith comes across as arrogant at times and often wants to spout off about working for the federal government. Smith County needs a leader that has worked here, day in and day out, not one that has worked overseas. Furthermore, Mr. Smith wants to place retired DPS employees in his comand staff. DPS knows traffic law and how to work wrecks not how to run

So you prefer someone who's only ever been a GAME WARDEN. Good, informed choice. ::rolls eyes::

I am so sorry that your knowledge of the DPS is limited to the division of the Texas Highway Patrol. FYI, the Texas Dpartment of Public Safety also includes the following: Administrative Services Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Driver License Division, Emergency Management Division, Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division, and Texas Rangers.

You are so right DJDP, but none of this compares to the almighty Texas Parks and Wildlife Department!

You couldn't be any more wrong about Mr. Smith. He is East TX born and raised. As for the spouting off comment, it's just pure fact. I apprecate his efforts in working for our nation. We are not an entity all our own. His experience with the federal gov't will only prove beneficial to the people of Smith County. Never once has his love and concern for Smith County diminished...his wife and children have stayed here even when his duties took him elsewhere.

Chris Green! Part of the Sheriff's role is to protect and defend our Consitutional rights against the overreaching of the Federal government. Chris Green understands the role. Larry Smith is just a big government Fed.

Maybe you should read up on the duties of a sheriff in Texas. The role of the sheriff is NOT in any part to "protect and defend our Consitutional rights against the overreaching of the Federal government." That would be the duty of the State Attorney General. Larry Smith understands the role.

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