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Smith County tops list for most frequent lightning claims

Monday, May 5, 2014 - 5:50pm

Everything is bigger in Texas, apparently including the storms. Allstate insurance created a list of the top 25 stormiest counties in the state, and ranking number one for the most lighting claims is Smith County.

KETK spoke with Jeff Callens, Owner and Operator of the Allstate branch in Tyler, who said, "It really did surprise me. I've lived here 30 years and lightning strikes are not something that I wake up each morning and think 'Wow, lightning's going to strike here today."

Highest Frequency of Lightning Claims 2009-2013 by County:

  1. Smith
  2. Jefferson
  3. Montgomery
  4. Johnson
  5. Parker
  6. Lubbock
  7. Denton
  8. Collin
  9. Williamson
  10. Brazoria
  11. Dallas
  12. Tarrant
  13. Galveston
  14. Harris
  15. Bell
  16. Fort Bend
  17. Bexar
  18. Travis
  19. Midland
  20. Randall
  21. Webb
  22. Hidalgo
  23. Nueces
  24. Cameron
  25. El Paso

Highest Frequency of Wind and Hail Claims 2009-2013 by County:

  1. Midland
  2. El Paso
  3. Dallas
  4. Lubbock
  5. Johnson
  6. Williamson
  7. Hidalgo
  8. Randall
  9. Parker
  10. Denton
  11. Tarrant
  12. Smith
  13. Travis
  14. Bexar
  15. Collin
  16. Bell
  17. Fort Bend
  18. Montgomery
  19. Harris
  20. Webb
  21. Galveston
  22. Nueces
  23. Brazoria
  24. Cameron
  25. Jefferson

However, storms are not exclusive to East Texas. Kristen Freis, Allstate Insurance's Corporate Relations representative, said, "The top 10 stormiest counties are in the North, South, East and West. So although we always think of severe weather in certain portions of the state, really there's no part of Texas that's immune to severe weather". Locals can expect to see more lightning strikes during spring. So in order to prepare your family for a storm, experts recommend cleaning out the garage, creating a list of all personal belongings, and having a plan.

Fortunately for residents, insurance prices are not expected to increase. Callens said, "Oftentimes people say 'Oh we had a storm come through, I had some claims and my rates are going to go up'. But it's not like that at all." Claim rates are based on an 8 to 10 year average, so one strong storm is not likely affect prices.

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