Smoking? Or non? Jacksonville may soon be smoke-free


POSTED: Friday, January 13, 2012 - 11:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 13, 2012 - 11:27am

Jacksonville Mayor Kenneth Melvin tells KETK that the "Clean Air Committee" has been meeting for a few months now.

And after much research, the committee has proposed a city wide ordinance that would ban smoking in all public places.

He says the dangers of second-hand smoke are at the heart of the committee's findings -- along with various other public health items.

"Some of the communities that have already banned smoking in the facilities...their heart attack rate was down 47%" Melvin said.

Melvin says they also took an online poll on the city's website.

"It was almost 50/50, but not quite 50/50...the majority wanted the ban," Melvin said.

But Jacksonville man Virgill Davis tells KETK he is not a part of that majority -- he doesn't agree with the ban.

"I don't think that's right cause people still like to smoke their cigarettes around," Davis said.

He tells KETK,  he's been smoking for a long time.

"I've had open heart surgery and got a pacemaker in there on the count of my heart's slowed up, but otherwise, it don't bother me, it kind of settles my nerves down and keeps me from...being so nervous," Davis said.

While others -- are just tired of breathing in the smoke.

"Because the people that have asthma and breathing problems -- they could get sick," said East Texan LaQuinda Simpson.

Melvin tells KETK, they hope to discuss the proposed ban further at the next city council meeting in February.

"My thought is, that this may be an issue that we need to put to the voters.  Much like we did the beer and wine sales," Melvin said.

The Jacksonville ban would also include E-Cigarettes.


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Smoking is growing like a today's trend. There are many people smoke for style but they are aware of the side effects of smoking on their health. Sometimes, they know all this but then also they are addicted to smoking. smoking addiction is really very dangerous.

I have never smoked, but was raised in a smoking household. I believe the smokers have the right to smoke anywhere they're allowed. If the non-smokers don't like it they don't have to go there!

If I poisoned you, that would surely be infringing upon your rights. I wouldn't advocate that. All I would advocate is the right of individuals to determine for themselves what would best serve their private business interests or their own pursuit of happiness. (p.s. I don't smoke. My political goals are driven by principles of liberty, not personal preference.)

By smoking around others you reduce their freedom to clean air! You may have the right to poison yourself, but you DO NOT have the right to POISON OTHERS.

Allowing the government to require or forbid a certain activity in a private business means we all have less liberty. Once we start allowing the majority to outlaw behavior just because they disagree with it, our liberty is already lost. It is only a matter of time before the majority changes and they can outlaw your behavior (gambling, trans fats, alcohol, fast food, religious practices, speech, etc.)

Driving on a highway is risky. So is eating bacon everyday. It's a slippery slope folks.

Share the air, folks. Don't go poisoning other people around you against their will (even if it's just a little bit).

Banning indoor use removes an incentive for smokers to switch to an alternative that could save their life. E-cigarettes are not burned; therefore, they emit no smoke and pose no danger to bystanders.
One study reported that 77% of daily users of e-cigarettes no longer smoke. Many e-cigarette users first discover the safer devices when they see them being used where smoking isn't allowed. Directing e-cigarette users—most of whom no longer smoke--into smoking areas may endanger their health.

The only people claiming this drug addiction is safe are the ecigger addicts from that "Harm reduction "site that look for any little meaningless bits of information on why their drug addiction is safe.
The only acceptable safety standard for a non-essential recreational drug with potential to harm bystanders is conclusive proof by independent research that passive exposure to e-cigarette vapour is “as safe as or safer than not being exposed to it at all. NOT some junk posted by casaa

There is no safe form of tobacco use. All forms contain nicotine and cause addiction and health problems

Nicotine dependence is an addiction to tobacco products caused by the drug nicotine.

Smokers are just like this other "harm reduction "site (Consumer Addicts Should Advocate Addiction) That look for any little meaningless bits of information on why their drug addiction is safe.... You have NO right to kill people with you're dangerous secondhand smoke/nicotine addiction.

Dangerous? How is is less than a teaspoon (5 cartridges) per day of propylene glycol vapor with an (optional) small percentage of 99.9995% purified tobacco extract dangerous? Is there any reason to believe that its more dangerous than somebody with a cup of coffee (same temperature--may contain a large dose of an addictive stimulant) or under the influence of any given FDA approved pharmaceutical? How on earth could someone possibly be killed by a bit of propylene glycol vapor and food flavor

What is the logic behind including E-Cigarettes?

I can see not smoking in facilities, but in public places? Come on! You talk about heart attacks being down 47% due to no smoking in facilities but the fact of the matter is this...People have heart attacks from either having genetic heart problems or life style being either smoking or the way they chose to eat and live their lives. I have always believed and will continue to believe that everything starts with genetics. It is in our genes or not! Get with the real times people!

just another way to take away another right to choose If you own a business and allow smoking , tell me , have you ever seen anybody force a non smoker to go there? I think not. I agree with most no smoking rules with respect to other people but come on folks no one forces you to go in a bar or resturant that does allow it. People better wake up and start making rules and laws based on common sense,reason,fairness and the intent of our constitution as our great nation is eroding fast .

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