So Who Guards the Border?


POSTED: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - 8:32pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 12, 2010 - 11:43am

When we think about the size of the illegal immigration problem in this country, it is not surprising that federal officials are simply outnumbered. But now, we know how limited they are.

The Immigration and Customs service has 19,000 employees to handle not only illegals, but smuggling and other customs crimes.

And a new memo shows, when it comes to making a dent in illegal immigration…to quote the movie Jaws…they’re going to need a bigger boat.

And those 19,000 are divided among nine divisions of the agency, only one of which is involved in detention and removal of illegals.

President Obama has mandated that the primary focus be illegals who have committed crimes and are considered a danger. But the deportation process is multi-layered and time consuming.

Only 300,000 were deported last year, and a new memo from the assistant secretary of the agency, john Morton, admits they can only improve a little on that.

“This operation reflects a shift in our strategy and approach to southwest border enforcement,” says Morton. “Today, we are not going to prosecute a given smuggler, a given shuttle company, a given driver.”

400,000 or only about 3-4% of the estimated illegal population in the country is the most they can handle, according to the memo.

So, the memo says essentially not to bother with those who are not considered dangerous. It’s a manpower issue.

Add to that the fact that the Border Patrol and its 45,000 agents and officers have to cover 7000 miles of northern and southern borders, and 327 ports of entry.
It’s obvious, that for the feds to have an impact, it will take sizable budget increases, so, they have adjusted their focus.

Jack Martin of the Federation for American Immigration Reform says it isn’t about the border. “You don’t stop illegal immigration, people coming into the country illegally, until you convince them that they’re not going to get a job if they come into the country illegally.”

It seems to make the case for states getting involved, like Arizona has. But then, the detainees have to go through the process with ICE, and the logjam begins.

And where will the states get the extra money?

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Typical whitehouse conversation;
Obama - "The flow from that back hole from hell is out of control. Greaseballs are washing ashore faster than we can mop them up."
Biden - Are you talking about the well or immigration? Our policies are just about the same. Those who do nothing do nothing wrong.

And as long as Obama refuses to enforce the current laws of the books they will keep coming and drive down the wages of the working man. His idea of immigration reform does and will not include enforcement which is the heart of the problem. No reform can work without enforcement. To Obama Reform means amnesty, i.e. more demoractic votes. Its all about the Self-Gods maintining power over you. Free men and women arise. If you can't fight you can still vote!

Iknow for a fact that it's not true that they only get the jobs that AMERICANS won't do. I have been in the lumber and logging business for most of my life and have had ILLEGAL ALIENS (mexicans)on about every job I have been on. They were operaters just like me and were making 10 to 12 dollars an hour or were paid by the day like me up to $100 a day. I've seen jobs come open an if there was a mexican standing there waiting they would hire and train one instead of calling an experienced AMERICAN.

When it comes to deportation of illegals, It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness. When it comes to prosecuting this issue it's pay me a little now, or pay me alot more later. Later is now.

The problem is, thanks to the Obamanite type pro-abortionist liberals that we have given power to, this generation of real Americans citizens now have 40-45 million less of us on the planet since Roe Vs Wade to tax, in order to keep the Ponzi scheme of Social Security/Free Medical Care financially viable. “WE THE PEOPLE” having been beguiled by the father of all lies, now have no other alternative but to import non-American people of questionable cultures to sustain the financial delusion,

The reason they keep coming is people here keep using their labor. Once the jobs dry up they will all go home. Make laws so severe for anyone to use an illegal, be it an individual or company, that we stop putting them to work for fear of the penalties involved. We won't need a fence or hundreds of border patrol agents. This is a harsh approach but it will work but getting it passed thru the ACLU and the many other open border groups will be difficult. I loved Reagan but he sure messed things up

A 50% tax on all money wired or sent to Mexico would help too.

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