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So, who's the landlord?


POSTED: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 4:37pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 12, 2011 - 8:49pm

The opening of a new restaurant would normally be a positive for the city in these tough economic times.
But the Double D Ranch House has been a magnet for controversy since it was announced.
It has generated protests both for and against.
A restaurant with pretty waitresses in skimpy outfits sounds like a good bet commercially.
But in Tyler…not so much.
The Double D Ranch, interestingly named for the initials of the two founders is going up at the site of the old El Chico’s.
But after protests from some local citizens,
Toys R Us, which has a location right next door, sought and got a temporary restraining order from Judge Christi Kennedy of the 114th District Court.
The problem is the costumes worn by the waitresses. Though, to be fair, you’ll see a very similar outfit at, oh, Dallas Cowboys football games.
In fact, Toy R Us sells a Cowboys cheerleader two-piece outfit on its website.
Mattel also makes a Cowboys Cheerleader Barbie.
But now it has been learned, the Double D’s landlord is…Toys R Us, who owns the property.
KETK obtained a copy of the lease and one clause prohibits “nude or semi-nude entertainment or otherwise indecent…uses” for the property.
That may be in the eyes of the beholder, but it is certainly more ammunition for Toys R Us in the matter.
Double D Ranch is represented by local attorney Blake Armstrong, and Toys R US by the Potter Minton firm. Neither would talk to us.
And now there is a Boycott Toys R Us group on Facebook as well, so the war of words, and lawyers, continues.
So will it or will it open?
Many staff positions at the restaurant have been filled and no doubt all those folks are wanting an answer to that question as well.

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A representative for Toys R Us real estate contends this will be a negative reflection for "shopping moms" coming to the toy store. Stand outside Toys R Us on any given day and some of the "shopping moms" could go straight to work at DD's in the attire they are shopping in. In no way am I against them dressing this way but Toys R Us takes their money when they come through the front door and dont complain because they have cash in hand. They need to stop talking out of both sides of their mouth!

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