Social media impact

Social media impact

POSTED: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 9:53pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 6:40am

These days smartphones and computers have taken over our world, as well as some of our lives. It has put us in a different frame of mind from just 20 years ago.

Social media and texting may make life a little more convenient, but is it taking away the heart and emotion of how we communicate with other? Well we spoke to East Texans about social media impact.

Today we live in a virtual world. Technology and phones are needed for work to communicate with others.

KETK spoke to media experts with L2 marketing in Tyler about how cell phones, technology and social media has impacted our way of communicating.

"When you're in the communication business like we are, clients live and die by urgent print demands," says Lisa Veatch, Media Specialist, L2 Marketing.

"It's very weird to envision the world without cell phones," says Meredith Mason, L2 Marketing.

Sandra Herring of 'Ye Old City" Antique Mall in Tyler tells KETK, phones and internet has taken away human contact especially on a personal level.

These days people choose to send text and social media messages than picking up a phone.

"When you go out to dinner with someone and you can't even have a conversation over dinner because everyone is texting," says Herring.

"I like to do the technology hiatus and just take a break I don't get on Facebook, I don't use my phone," says Mason.

We are hearing more about people canceling social media accounts and depending less on technology.

Let's rewind 20-ish years ago. I'm sure many of us have forgotten what what life was like before cell phones and internet.

"I like the old-personal touch letter, a post card and a bible in your hand."

Experts say, it's time to put the phone down and limit the digital communication."

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two thumbs up for Ms. Herring ! Personally I think cell phone use should be banned in stores,restaurants and waiting rooms, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS OR OBNOXIOUS AND OFTEN OBSCENE RING TONES. I'm sure I'm not alone in resenting that YOUR bratty kids are running free and creating havoc while YOU gossip. soap box now put away, thanks for reading.

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