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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am

Some police are now saying, if you can't run and hide—fight back


POSTED: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 10:50pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 1:01pm

Police have always said if you see a crime in progress, "Don't get involved and call 911"—that may be changing.

Some police departments are now saying, if you can't run or hide, fight back! Research on mass shootings over the last decade has created a new idea that is being adopted by law enforcement agencies; saying that people at the scene of an attack have a better chance of survival if they take action rather than waiting to be rescued by the police.

This YouTube video:, from the Houston Mayor’s office is gaining popularity among law enforcement agencies.

Part of the message is, fight back.

Don Martin from the Tyler Police Department says, police departments are looking at this video, and beginning to adopt "Run. Hide. Fight" as way to promote ways to combat an active shooter situation.

Nathan Lundstrom lead instructor and owner of East Texas Krav Maga says when it comes to survival fighting, do whatever it takes he says, “If you're talking about fighting for your life you have to do so with extreme prejudice. You have to fight for your life as if there's no losing."

Lundstrom says, one way to fight back against a person with a gun is to remember "R.C.A.T" or
“Redirect, Control, Attack Take away."

Lundstrom says, "When we're talking about weapons defense, we use a simple acronym, "R.C.A.T” Redirect the energy of the weapon, Control that weapon, Attack and Take it away."

Just like the “Run. Hide. Fight” video shows, and Lundstrom agrees, it’s all about changing the mindset of the attacker, let them know you're not afraid to get close.

Lundstrom says, "If my option is not to hide if I can't run, and I do have to fight for my life, I want to be in close so I can be sending as much devastating attacks as possible."

Reports show that the average police response time to an active shooter call is three minutes. Experts are saying, if you can't run or hide, and you must fight, you may just save your *own* life in those 3 minutes, instead of waiting for the police.

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If one is told to fight back then they HAVE TO HAVE THE MEANS TO FIGHT BACK.

'Gun free' zones simply keep good people from having the MEANS TO FIGHT BACK.

And that is why mass murders virtually always pick gun free zones. They don't want their victims to be able to fight back.

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