SOURCE: Pine Tree football coach placed on administrative leave for allegedly pushing student

SOURCE: Pine Tree football coach placed on administrative leave for allegedly pushing student

POSTED: Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 3:21pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 10:25am

According to multiple sources, Pine Tree Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Derek Fitzhenry, has been suspended until further notice.

Action is being taken against Fitzhenry for allegedly pushing a student after Pine Tree's win over Van, Friday night, in Longview.

Fitzhenry was not at the Pirates' football practice, Wednesday.

Pine Tree ISD provided KETK with the following statement regarding the incident:

Because this is a personnel issue, the school district is legally and ethically bound not to provide details. The district is, however looking into the issue and it will be addressed at the next regular School Board meeting on Monday, September 9th.

After exclusively providing the previous statement to KETK, PTISD released the following formal statement to the public:

No decisions have been made regarding the status of Coach Derek Fitzhenry. Pursuant to board policy at this time, he has been placed on administrative leave.

Details are limited, but KETK will update information as it becomes available.


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Don, if the player had pushed the coach I can almost GUARANTEE that the coach would not have said anything or filed any complaint. He would have made him do bearcrawls or something and punished him that way. No one here knows exactly what happened and while I wasnt there I know more details than most because of people in the school system. Wait until more details come out before you convict him. It was a player and the player was not hurt (except his pride) in ANY WAY.

PT, Who said it was a player in the first place? 2nd, who is convicting him? The parents should follow the law and report it to the right authorities which would be law enforcement so that a proper investigation by an un biased institution can be conducted and not by the school. That is their rights and the students rights under the law. What would you be affraid of if an investigation was conducted by someone other than school officials?

And just for the record...a very close family member was there and saw it and it is a family member who has nothing to gain from either side.

1. I know it was a player. 2. You are... in calling for the coach to "get a taste of his own medicine" 3. investigate's not a big deal. I have a feeling when they don't find anything you will be disappointed.

PT, if that student was my child and I was there at the time of the incident the coach would have gotten a taste of his own medicine and then some. No adult has a right to push my child for any reason except in a case where the child is attempting to assault the adult. This case sounds like a simple assault by the coach and is a class A misdemeaner.

If that student had pushed the coach, he/she would have been arrested, and put into the juvenile criminal justice system (juvenile detention) and then expelled and/or sent to an alternative school and the parents would have to pay a fine. So the question is, why should the coach not be punished for his actions?

What the hey, any coach that can not teach without manhandling a player/student does not have the skills to be a good teacher in the first place. The story does not state that the student was a player or not and it does not matter. The parents should be at the police station making a complaint and at the DA's office pushing for a prosecution for assault and if police or DA did not want to follow through with their duties then as a parent, they should give the good coach a taste of his own meds.

Since when is it okay to manhandle ANY person? It's called being a BULLY. And people who condone such action are also known as BULLIES. There's no good reason to hit or belittle, by yelling in one's face, no matter who the person is. Woman, man, child, ball player, teacher, etc. If this student was being a problem, there are other ways to handle the matter, per rules and regulations. It is NOT okay to "push"/hit them - otherwise known as assault. I wasn't there.

No one said it was a football player.

He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently. Proverbs 13:24

My wife is a teacher and I know what kind of crap they have to deal with .

A football coach "pushed" one of his players? I am Shocked! Aghast! OMG! I mean Really?

What week goes by that a football coach DOESN'T manhandle a player?
Kid must be a woosy entitled spoiled lawyers' kid.

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