Southern accents voted most attractive

Friday, November 15, 2013 - 5:12pm

Hey ya'll! When you think of accents, what comes to mind?

It's not western accents that have America's heart.

Of course there are those British accents that steal the spotlight from across the pond.

However, voted southern accents most attractive.

According to a recent study, surveyed 2,000 people, and around 37% voted southern accents the sexiest. Bless their heart!

One local said, "Well considering my husband is from up north, he must have found it pretty sexy".  

This accent is well represented by the one and only Matthew McConaughey, who was born and raised in Longview.

It could be that drawl, or maybe the cowboy hat, but regardless, the South wins every time.

In fact, more men than women prefer this accent.

Voted in last place according to this survey, is the "mid-atlantic" accent.

Maybe Texas should send some sweet tea over to places like Pennslyvania and Delaware.

In order of ranking: 

1. Southern – 36.5% (45% male/28% female)
2. New York –16.5% (10% male/23% female)
3. Western – 13 % (16% male/10% female)
4. New England – 10.5% (8% male/13% female)
5. New Jersey –7% (4% male/10% female)
6. Canadian –7% (3% male/11% female)
7. Midwestern – 5.5% (8% male/3% female)
8. Mid-Atlantic – 4% (5% male/3% female)


Congratulations ya'll!

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