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POSTED: Friday, February 7, 2014 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 11:26am

Those born between the years of 1980 and 2000 are known as the millennial generation, or the "me me me generation." This generation is thought of, research says, as self -absorbed, social media obsessed, impatient but ambitious.

"If we want an emblem to capture the me generation, we need to look no further than to the selfie a picture young people take of themselves on their smartphones and post to Facebook.  The selfie is the ultimate symptom of self centerness," said UT Tyler Chair of Communications Dennis Cali.

'So many people are consumed with their daily wants and needs and they're to taken up by their own selves," said 20-year-old Kristopher Wallace.

"They were lead to believe that everyone is a winner and now as they start getting out into the real world they are beginning to realize there are winners and losers," said Counselor Delos Pinzino.

Professor Cali said technology is making us more self-centered and leading to relationships that are more superficial.

"So we have many more "friends" and were much more linked up with other people but I think we've lost the ability of sustained and deep relationships," said Cali.

Professor Cali and Pinzino's theory of the millennials is their relationships are more "virtual", and in a sense they've been cheated.

"I think they've been cheated because they weren't expected to work hard to get what they want and then they struggle and then they look to themselves with well what's the matter with me? I thought everything was fine. So anxiety is generated they may become depressed," said Pinzino.

"The preverbal soccer mom now who had the mentality that their kids deserved a trophy too so every kid gets a trophy that cultural phenomenon has contributed to some extent that it doesn't matter how hard you work or how big the contribution you make, you're going to get a trophy," said Cali.

What about this generations belief? A poll shows 75% of millennials are more spiritual then religious. So what do some churches do to make their service more youthful?

Some say the key to bringing 20 year olds back to church is edgier music

"Instead of hitting someone over the head with a bible or something like that, we're trying to engage where people are at," said Pastor at Marvin United Methodist Marty Dunbar.

United Methodist does this, but not on purpose.

"People I know who are a little harder lined on some things go really you all use songs from the culture or on the radio in your church? That's not healthy, of all the songs you can use why couldn't you choose another? But, the more people that know about it typically we have a greater interest in it," said Pastor Dunbar.

"I definitely see a need to draw young people in and if it's through music that's definitely huge way as far as are culture and this generation is just how music really affects them. So we definitely use music as a way to bring youth into our services," said 24-year-old Dustin Delong.

So is this name going to stick?

"Every generation sees the upcoming next generation as more selfish so I don't know if the me generation will stick with this one," said Professor Cali.

But, older generations are hopeful, that the millennial have a lot of potential, opportunities and can change the world.

"They can be playing a very important role in a very exciting time in human history," said Pinzino.  

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It's nice to know old people see us as all as self centered, stuck-up a**holes.
While a lot are, not every single one of us is.
theyre stating in the report that technology has given us a more limited view of things where in actuality it really expands our horizon further than ever before
I wouldnt have friends in Ireland, Canada, London, Japan, Australia or Scottland just to name a few as well as other states in the US if it wasnt for the internet.

there have always been those that are self centered and stuck up
it is true for every generation
their parents thought the same thing about them
their parents before that
and so on
the Military officers who were WW1 vets called the soldiers who fought in WW2 lazy.
FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. just show us more of that.
Technology made the world a smaller place.
There are no less a**holes now than there was; they can just reach a wider audience.

"Professor Cali said technology is making us more self-centered and leading to relationships that are more superficial." The learned Professor forgets that ALL generations live under a govt. that divides us by; race, gender, age, wealth, religion, party, sexuality, and a myriad of issues concerning our everyday lives which it has no business being involved. Generation ME, what's left after all the division ?

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