Speculation swirls around Jacob Kimbley's death


POSTED: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 6:17pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 9:23am

This is an intense week for the Kimbley family, the children and for everyone involved in this case.

It's been a week of studies to determine the cause of death of Jacob Kimbley. Autopsy results are in... but it's not what everybody wanted to hear.

2-year-old, Jacob Kimbley's death has caused a lot of speculation. Whether is was a game of hide and seek that had gone bad or foul play. The body was discovered in a fiber glass septic tank near the Kimbley home 12 hours after the toddler was reported missing.

Law Enforcement has been investigating the case to figure out what really happened at the Kimbley's home August 21.KETK spoke with Mitch Shamburger, Justice of the Peace, to get answers on the results.

He says the autopsy results are in but still pending, they haven’t figured our a conclusion to the cause of death. Shamburger tells KETK, the body was sent to Southwest Forensic Center in Dallas and is working with the pathologist. He describes the process of this case.

CPS is not involved with the criminal filings, a hearing is set for Thursday with David and Sabrina Kimbley and CPS to determine what's best for the 5 Kimbley children.

The hearing will result in whether the children will remain in CPS custody or return to their parents.

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CPS: In my opinion, a harmful and wicked organization. I have personally had experience of these people LYING about actual occurences. I also know that the justice system has been manipulated to further the case of these people (CPS). When the safety and and welfare of children are concerned. CPA should be the last people to refer to. This is my opinion supported by several instances of impropriety that I personally have knowledge off.

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