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'Speed cushion' could be a thing of the past

POSTED: Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 6:29am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 2:00am

The 5-10 mile-per-hour cushion authorities give drivers may soon be disappearing, as city and state officials try to make up lost revenue.

A study by the National Motorists Association says more drivers are being pulled over, only going a couple miles over the speed limit.

But for one East Texas City, officials say, that is not the case.

Longview Police say, they have not experienced an increase in the number of speeding tickets, and it has always been up to the officer to issue a ticket.

"Generally speaking, it's up to the officer to have their own discretion about what speed they are going to write a citation for over the speed," said Officer Kevin Brownlee. "So, if the speed limit is forty-one, it may be 7 miles-per-hour, and one it may be 10 miles. It's their own personal decision on how much speed they are going to allow before they write a citation."

Longview Police say each jurisdiction is different on how their officers handle speeding violations.

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If they would start ticketing the people that won't even go the speed limit, they could make some good revenue and the ones that go over the speed limit by 5 to 10 miles won't have to in order to make up for being some scaredy cat going 45 in a 65.

Those thingies that you use to read a car's computer? Those are what they are going to be using to spot discrepancies in radars and speedometers. USE YOUR CRUISE CONTROL. It may save you from a ticket. However, every cop car would have to have one, and then they would need backups in case of tech failure, so then more people would be pulled over to pay for all of it. It's still a money-making racket, but you can save yourself by using your cruise control.

This is going to do nothing but tie up the court system. People will challenge these tickets and Larry is right, this was nothing more than a money racket instead of a safety issue and the same goes for the red light cameras and back seat seatbelts.

I don't think in the long run this will be worth it to the city because it will do more harm than good with the citizenry. If you want good will toward officers then back off of this terrible idea.

This, to me, essentially proves what many have been saying all along--that speed limit enforcement & citations are not as much about safety as they are about being a money-grabbing racket. Same goes with giving someone a "failure to stop" when they were going 5mph (having slowed down from a normal speed) and barely rolled through. And city officials wonder why there is such disdain for the city police. Gee, imagine that!

It' funny to know that Longview is third most dangerous city in Texas to live in and law enforcement there decides to crack down on citizens who are going more than 1 or 2 miles over the speed limit. Longview Police Department is fundamentally flawed. Basically you can visit Longview and get robbed by the police because you go a mile over the speed limit and ten minutes later you an be robbed by a violent criminal the police are ignoring while writing another ticket. Pure Genious Longview. Exactly why your entire city looks like a slum.

Read that again.It did not say they were going to step up writting tickets. Its up to the officer to make that decision. If you dont want to get a ticket then drive the speed limit.

I have a bad feeling about this. I know people take advantage of this cushion, but it also serves a purpose. I am concerned that when someone comes upon a speed limit sign that requirse them to slow down they will stomp on the brakes instead of coasting to reduce their speed. I witnessed an accident where a man lost his life for this same reason. If they want to increase revenue try cracking down on the teens that race up and down Broadway at night, and write some citations for violations of the noise ordiance when people crank up their car's stereos.

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