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Spiders, scorpions invading your house, oh my!


POSTED: Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 5:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 9:02pm

High temperatures and minimal rain aren't the only signs of Summer here in East Texas.

We're now seeing an increase in spiders and scorpions, both scorpions and spiders are cold-blooded and develop quicker in extreme heat. This makes them more likely to end up in your home to try and cool off.

It is not just people that feel the effects of the extreme heat and minimal rain here in Texas, but insects as well.

Dennis Newberry, from Alpha Pest Control, told KETK, "Basically we're seeing more problems with spiders at this time of year because the insect population tends to go up during the Summer, because we have more moisture and more food supply on things that they eat."

Newberry told KETK that these types of critters like to hide in bushes and clutter.

He said not to have shrubs too close to your home and not to store firewood next to a window or door.

We also spoke with one East Texan who found his eight-legged infestation near a pile of boxes and in the garbage can.

Carter Morby told KETK, "I found the first one out on the porch right outside there and then two weeks later my roommate told me that there were two nests on either side of the garage door."

Newberry said to be sure your doors have a thresh hold guard so these critters can't get through the cracks, but he showed us how to rid your home once its infested.

"Take it just down the insides brush down the cob webs also under these brush the cob webs down so the spiders have less of an area to collect insects," said Newberry.

Morby told KETK that he had to go to the doctor after being bitten by a scorpion but as for the spiders he decided to take matters into his own hands with Raid bug spray.

He said, "Yah, you kind of just get along the cracks of the windows and i did that for all the windows and the door frames."

Be sure you follow these tips so your house doesn't become infested by these critters seeking refuge.

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