Staying hydrated is critical for your health during summer months

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 5:22pm

During summer months people are keeping busy with all sorts of things, and sometimes many of us forget to stay hydrated. It's very critical for your health.

For many of us it's hard to drink water throughout the day, but skipping the water can be dangerous for your health.

"We've has a nice summer so far, so people aren't used to the heat quite yet so we have to be very careful," said Dr. Bryan Lowery of Trinity Mother Frances. He says stay hydrated, especially young kids...who are out in the heat, playing sports, going to the lake and pools.

"Make you hydrate at least 30 minutes to an hour before you go out and do any physical activity," said Dr. Lowery.

Personal trainer and former high school football coach Brian Lacy sees the dangers of dehydration first hand.

"Dizziness, a lot blacking out, seeing spots I've even witnessed heat stroke," said Lacy. And that causes long time damage to your body.

"People when they're dehydrated can get dizzy, they get confused, they're probably altering mental status if that happens get them to a cool spot make sure they can drink water, if they are really out of it I would call the ambulance," said Dr. Lowery.

It's also important to replace electrolytes by drinking Powerade and Gatorade, so during the summer months stay cool and hydrated.

"Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can heat especially elderly people pretty quick if they're out doing yard work," said Lowery.

"Make sure you wear something that is breathable you know cool to wear outside," said Lacy.

Dr. Lowery says the main thing is water... water... water!

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