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Staying on track with your New Year's Resolution

Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 11:27pm

For thousands of Americans, 2014 will be a very special year. Maybe they will get married, celebrate a special birthday, or bring a child into this world. Whatever it may be, January 1 often represents a new beginning and the start of new resolutions.

But then, the middle of January rolls around and you lose the motivation you thought would never fade and give up.

One local life coach expert says that does not have to be the case. Brian Brandt is the CEO of Core Insights, his goal -- to help you be better.

He gave KETK advice for following through with your goals.

First, he says do not give up, even if you think you have failed.

"If the goal set out for doesn't really work for you massage it and change it a little bit and say, 'Okay what's going to really work for the overall goal of life improvement?'" Brandt said.

Next, he says stay accountable. Have a family member or a friend check in on you to keep you motivated.

Write down your goals and plan goals that you know are actually attainable. And lastly, always celebrate your success.

"If you've gone two weeks and you've made progress like you didn't make all year last year celebrate in some way and do something that's meaningful to you," Brandt said.

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