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Stray donkeys a problem in East Texas


POSTED: Friday, January 6, 2012 - 8:27pm

UPDATED: Sunday, January 8, 2012 - 2:46pm

There's plenty of hogs causing problems in east Texas, but in some areas, it's another animal causing trouble: donkeys.

"I wish I had a solution, I'd be a popular person in the state of Texas but i dont have it," said Special Ranger Jimmy Dickson.

David Roach of Tri-County Livestock Market says they had to stop accepting them because they can't sell or even give them away.

Since the severe drought spiked hay costs last summer, people can't afford to feed them, and apparently they're letting them loose on the streets.

"I've heard rumors theyre turning them out in the country in road or woods," Roach said. 

Tthere's nowhere to dispose of them, no sell barns to sell them and so they began dumping them," Dickson said.

Dickson says the problem is occurring all across the state.

"I supervise 53 counties all over the state of Texas and all of the sherriffs are having a major problem with it," he said. It's their responsibility to do something with the strays, but they have no where to send them since they cant sell them. And for a while there were donkey rescues, but of course those filled up quick."

It's a big concern for safety on the roads, too.

"They don't do well in front of a vehicle," Roach said. "They tear your vehicle up when you hit them."

So for now ... it's leaving many scratching their heads.

Dickson says the donkey problem has gotten worse since horse slaughtering was made illegal a few years ago.

He hopes some type of legislation for help is in the near future.


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David Roach represents ignorance, greed and poor stewardship. How about concerned citizens stepping up to the plate to help these poor animals. Shooting them it not the answer! There must be transport options to other ranches outside of Texas where people would be willing to take them. The transport of homeless dogs from over crowded shelters in southern states to shelters in northeastern states has relocated thousands of homeless dog that would otherwise have been euthanized.

Since KETK is too afraid to post my first response to this I'll just add that TAXPAYERS should NOT be on the hook for someone's hobby or whim that they no longer want to support. GOVT is not the solution to every problem!!

Well, if the choice is between killing one with my car because it runs in front of me on the highway or allowing them to be shot for a bounty to keep them off the roads...shoot them. $50 a head would probably solve this problem rather quickly. Naysayers: step up with cash in hand to provide for them for however many years it takes...your money please, NOT 'gubbimnt money through my taxes!!

Nothing special about this ranger if he can't realize that his sidearm is a good solution to this problem.

Except for idiot remarks from David Roach, it was a great story. Just because Mr Roach can't make any money from or eat donkeys, he says they are worthless and anyone that owns one should be taxed. I think Roach is worthless and should pay a idiot tax.

I agree that Mr. Roach is worthless and if I hit him with my car I bet it will tear it up too. What an idiot. Instead of running his mouth why not try to come up with a solution. People that let the animal loose are the ones that should be fined. If you have an animal it's your responsibility to feed it and care for it. I bet half those that cant feed them smoke cigarettes and have a cell phone.

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