Study: Carbs the new cocaine?


POSTED: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 6:05pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 6:11pm

People often joke that carbs can be addictive.

And new research reports that not only is it addictive... but, it can be as addictive as cocaine.

The reason?

"When you do eat carbohydrates it releases Serotonin and can also cause a release of dopamine so that you do get this pleasurable feel good status," said Sara Upson, Licensed Dietician.

Researchers found that the intake of processed carbs stimulate areas of the brain the same way drugs or alcohol would.

"There are certain regions of the brain, like the reward region, that light up the same way drugs or alcohol would cause the brain to light up," Upson said.

She also said that although people can feel addicted to carbs, the key is to eat them in moderation... not cut them out completely.

"We have to have some type of carbohydrates," Upson said. "And if you're not taking in any carbohydrates it could be very negative physiologically."

She also says to never tell yourself 'no.'  

If you want something... eat it.

Because when you cut it out cold turkey....

"That's where we see people over dosing on bread," Upson said. "It's not the one piece of bread... it's 10."

So the best thing to do is to eat carbs in moderation and combine them with other food groups... like protein.

And instead of focusing on what you can't eat, focus on what you can.

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