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STUDY: 'Fat shaming' increases chance of becoming obese

STUDY: 'Fat shaming' increases chance of becoming obese

POSTED: Friday, August 2, 2013 - 5:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 4:15pm

"I think it's abuse," said Dr. Joseph Arisco. "I don't think it's right to pick on someone has as a defect and go out of your way to use that as a means to torture them."

The Center for Disease Control recently reported that more than one third of U.S. adults and about one fifth of U.S. adolescents are obese.

And some people think the best way to push someone to lose weight is to shame them about their weight or bully them.

But a new study reports that this is not the best way to encourage someone to shed pounds. In fact, it increases the chance for the person to either stay obese or become obese.

"It is not helpful to ever give somebody a negative image of themselves and expect them to do better," said Dr. Arisco.

He also says calling someone fat or making someone feel bad about themselves is the wrong way to approach the situation.

"It's always better to give them a positive image of themselves and encourage them to do their best," Dr. Arisco said.

Real Johnson is a fitness trainer at F.I.T. Fitness, and he says it depends on the person whether or not you want to be rough on them about their weight.

"If you have a beginner you might need to be more sensitive," Johnson said. "Give them softer words, almost like with a child."

But for those people in the right mind set, Johnson said it's okay to be a little rough.

"I think giving them constructive criticism would motivate them," Johnson said.

Tyler Tejas works out regularly and he says the encouragement from his trainer makes him work harder and that it is all about your mind set.

"If you think you're fat you're going to get there," Tejas said. "But if you think you can change and improve your body, then go for it."

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Take a chill pill Rattatooey? YOUR opinion on what is over editorialized as common sense, eat less-exercise more adds little value to any story presented about obesity. Practicing a healthy lifestyle starts with the mental ability to visualize and live the essentials of doing the right thing. I'm sure you are NO burden to our health care system and are a walking specimen of perfection. As for the rest of us, we are doing what we can, no thanks to the haters and judgers such as you!

What a load of absolute BS. If fatties stopped eating enough food for 3 people every day, perhaps they would feel better about themselves, and maybe they would live longer. Maybe they would not get diabetes and/or heart desease. Maybe someone would find them attractive. Don't tell me they might have thyroid problems. That accounts for less that 1/2 percent of fattoids. EAT LESS LIVE LONGER AND DO NOT BE A BURDEN TO OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

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