Summer sun scorching East Texas lawns

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 10:52pm

As the East Texas sun continues to beat down on yards across the area, more and more homeowners are starting to see their front lawns wilt.

But all is not lost.

According to Rob Stafford, with Good Fellows Lawn Care, if your lawn is brown you still have a chance to save it with concentrated watering.

However if your grass is grey, you may end up spending thousands of dollars to have your yard reseeded.

And although the sun may be to blame, it is actually how low you cut your lawn that is the main reason you have an unhealthy looking yard.

Stafford says you should have you lawnmower blade level at 3 1/2 inches to 4 inches off the ground.

He says, a good way to check you are cutting at the right length, is see if the grass comes up to your knuckle when you put your finger in the ground

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