Suspicious man seen at a school bus stop

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 7:20pm

The Smith County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to keep their eyes open for a suspicious man hanging around a school bus stop.

A man was seen two days in a row hanging around this bus stop at Smith County road 2228 and 110 S.

"We all have to look out for each other, and so that is what we are asking people to do is watch listen, pay attention and if you see something that doesn't look right call 911," said Smith County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer John Moore. 

The first incident happened Tuesday morning Sept. 17th.

"The young lady was waiting for the school bus and the Hispanic male came up in a silver gray mini van and engaged her in conversation and she was not comfortable with that,"  said Moore. 

The Sheriff's Office tells KETK they believe the car is an early 2000 silver or gray mini van.

"Especially if you have a bus stop in your neighborhood or in your areas where kid's are getting on the bus be on the lookout for this vehicle and this individual."

The man was also described wearing a baseball cap covering his face.

The Sheriff's Office said the man was there the next day doing the same thing.

After the second incident deputies decided to take action and warn the public about this incident.

"We're asking anyone with a bus stop in their neighborhood to make sure you are the eyes and ears."

New Generation Learning Center is next to the bus stop.

With 150 kids to watch over, they say their concerned with what's going on near their learning center.

"It's always concerning to hear about someone that seems to be interested in talking to a child of that age and all," said owner Allyce Dolan.

And if you see any suspicious activity around your child's school bus stop, alert the police right away.

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