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Talk of political group supporting Chapel Hill ISD bond


POSTED: Friday, October 11, 2013 - 6:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 14, 2013 - 12:27pm

Controversy about the Chapel Hill school bond continues.

Now a political group might be behind the bond, and some parents want to know why.

Chapel Hill residents will vote on the $31-million school bond on Nov. 5.

But, now there is talk that supporters of the bond may have a little extra help from one political group.

"I don't want politics in this. I want this to be a community decision," said concerned parent Tammy Humes. 

The fate of a new football field, middle school and other projects lie in the hands of Chapel Hill residents on Nov. 5.

"$75 million and were a community of 17,000," said Humes.

 But, the third grade parent feels the school board is not providing all the information voters need to know about the $31 million bond before heading to the polls.

Humes said to keep in mind the school is already $30- million in debt.

Humes said she wants voters to make a decision on their own.

But, this week Superintendent Donni Cook told KETK she was informed there is a group in support of the bond but the school has no involvement.

"I'm trying to do this non-politically, but if it has to become political then it has to become political."

Humes said she is now considering putting a PAC together for those against.

"The PAC who are they? Why have all of a sudden they popped up when we were trying to keep politics out of it.''

Superintendent Cook said she could not speak on camera today.

But, released a statement to KETK saying.....

"Chapel Hill ISD has not spent nor authorized the spending of, any district funds or other resources to hire a political action committee in promotion of its 2013 Bond Proposal."

And the district has yet to set up another school board meeting to address the issues some parents still have with the bond.

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A PAC for or against the bond proposal, fairly normal process in Texas school bond elections. I want to say I don't see the $75 million you have mentioned. I also don't see the concerned parents, one parents does not a group make. All the information is provided in the proposal submitted by the board, all that's needed is to READ. Improving the schools will make for a better community, enhanced property values and children that are able to READ when they become parents.

The District will never address each item line by line they will tell you what sounds good only.Will be the biggest tax increase for a school district ever in this County for sure.

Another person that has failed to read the material. Yes, it is all outlined line by line. And no, this is not the biggest tax increase in the County. Please become informed before you post inaccurate information.

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