A 10 billion dollar question

POSTED: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 6:34am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 7:37pm

How to make public education cuts without harming quality of education?

State legislators are eyeing $10 billion in proposed cuts to public education.

Lawmakers must find a way to close a $27 billion budget shortfall and a draft budget that could lay-off 100,000 teachers.

That's about a third of the state's public school teachers.

East Texans offer their two cents on how public schools could cut budgets and still not hurt the quality of education.

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How is that T-Party thing working out for you with the Rainy Day Fund complaint?

Just fine.
How's that Hope and Change working out for you Spendocrats ?


Funny how two years of Democrat rule, they are still not responsible for our economic woes. Yet, no sooner does the TEA Party come to power and they are responsible for the problems of the last three years.

Who said the T-Party was responsible for the economic problems of the nation? The Republicans are responsible there and here in the Texas economy. After all the Republicans have controled our state government for more than 13 years. The Republicans of Texas have been spending tax dollars like kids in a candy store and the T-Party hasn't said a thing or complaind once about the spending. I wonder why?

A day without Don's socialist spew is like a day without diarhea.


The truth hurts like the pain that the diarhea causes

Waiting on your welfare check Don?

The state of Texas is much like the fed gvnt. in that there are too many beaureacrats whose only job is to make our lives difficult, and do nothing to help our lives. I see no reson to cut front line jobs like teachers, fire and police when there is so much more waste higher up. Cut a useless beaureacrat and save two front line service jobs.

Why are our high schools continuing to build football, baseball complexs when the state is broke. Who thinks all texans or americans all give a crap about any sports. Fire all those fat 300 pound coachs that spend our education dollars on sports complexs instead of schools. If your kid wants sports, you pay the bill and still fire fat over weight coachs. they are a bad example for our kids.

I've been saying this for YEARS, but I guess it takes a HUGE budget shortfall to get people to agree with me.

Make sports just like any other club! Make it's members pay the bills!

I have to agree w/ you on this one. While athletics is an important, Tex. schools spend too much on their football programs. Some more than others. Example, in '78 the school brd in the town I was in high school wanted to cut A biology, typing and art and cut the secondary high's football budget to spend more on the main, my, high school. I assume in hopes it would improve their win/lose ratio. But, like the other person said the problem was fat self-centered coaches.

Cut the admins & the coaches! Consolidate the districts into a single countywide one. More smaller, more efficient neighborhood schools with fewer buses, and make what buses you still need hybrids. *Do NOT cut Pre-K*. It's not the same thing as daycare! I don't know if you knew this but there are A LOT of autistic pre-k kids in this district that need those programs. We have higher autism rates than anywhere within 6 counties of here, and Sunday school just isn't enough!

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