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Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 12:40pm

Armed educators: layer of defense or liability?

POSTED: Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 7:21am

UPDATED: Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 7:08pm

One Texas district has teachers packing heat

At least one Texas public school district allowing educators who are licensed concealed carry, to pack heat on campus.

Is this another layer of protection for teacher and student? Or something that could trigger another school shooting?

East Texans talk-back with our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.  

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The absolutely most idiotic solution EVER! I'll go you one better on that headline don, "Student takes teachers gun, shoots more students". Just exactly how are these teachers guns suppose to be secured while the teacher is on campus and if they are secured safely out of a students reach, how effective would they really be in the event of a crisis. Has ANYBODY thought this through?!

Don....I've scrubbed as many of my recent posts as possible and will no longer be posting to any sites on has become all too painfully evident that freedom of speech, as defined by redneck right-of-right East Texans, is reserved only for those with ultra-conservative gun-toting mentalities...I am denied MY Constitutional right to free speech by those who use veiled threats on political/social/gun control issues. You are fighting an uphill battle for truth that cannot, in ET, be won.

Moron cowards like Def, charlie and jp to just name a few will never stop me from posting FACTS or my opinion. Stick aroud a while snydergal this should be fun.

Why not hire returning VETS they have the training with fire arms and need a job

If the teacher volunteers and is trained to LEO standards, I see no reason why not! Israel has had teachers with guns, yes even REAL assault rifles, for many years and had not problem (and dead terrorist to!)

I am for the program 100 percent.

I can hear the headlins now," Teachers shoots 1st grader armed with a toy handgun and another student was also shot and killed in the shooting with only one shot being fired"
reports state that the teacher thought that the student had a real handgun and was sorry that the other student was too close behind the student that the teacher intended to shoot, but you know things happen.
A few months later the headlines will read,"Teacher indicted in shooting incident with 1st graders & faces 10 to 20"

If we must have TRAINED educators with guns in our school system so our children can come home alive and actually grow up to USE their education than so be it! This is Texas, we are not sissies here. If someone gave me the option to have a police officer teach my child and also keep him safe, I would say OF COURSE! I want to see this in Wood County! Immediately! Teachers are more than just teachers, they are caregivers and protectors of our kids while they learn. Give them the ability!

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