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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 8:25pm

Chips to keep track of students

POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 7:17am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 4:44pm

San Antonio student says she won't wear one and court backing her up

A San Antonio student told to wear an ID chip while at school refuses citing religious grounds.

East Texans join the conversation on "the chip controversy."  Callers mention everything from: "Big Brother" to "The Last Days.

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Have you seen all of those sex offenders from Dallas County that were released from prison because they were not guilty?

This must be a product of the Communist GOP controlled State Board of Education and TEXAS GOVERNMENT.

Which noodle brained nincompoop thought this one up! Fire the cretin. Violation of privacy.
Besides, do you think our kids couldn't by-pass this crapola?
They could have all kinds of fun with these gadgets, none of which would help attendance.
Help a friend skip school by carrying his/her ID Chip. Let some one take their chip to a distant place. GGGGGRRRRR!

Would you be good with chipping sex offenders?

NO, if they are not in prison then they are free citizens. Once a court and jury have found any person guilty of a crime and send that person to prison for a prescribed period of time that should fit the crime and that person completes what the court and jury have set as punishment then they have fullfiled their obligation to society.

I would be in favor of execution actually. These perverted deviants would have to have the chips implanted. Imagine the civil rights ruckus that would cause.

I agree Ratt with only one portion of your statement....execution would be a just punishment but if the legislature and governor have said that it is not and the prescribed law says they are able to be released from prison after serving what the law requires then they have fullfiled their obligation for their crime. Lets not forget that is the conservative legislature that says no to execution of child sex offenders.

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