Contraceptive mandates?

POSTED: Friday, December 28, 2012 - 9:21am

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 11:42pm

Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor recently knocked down a request to block Obamacare, requiring employers to provide insurance for "morning after pill" and birth control to its employees.

Religious based company, Hobby Lobby, one of the biggest opponents of the new healthcare mandates, will have to pay more than $1 million daily in fines if the company doesn't comply.

KTBB's Garth Maier asks: Should companies be able to opt out of contraceptive mandates?

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Funny how meds for male ED are covered...also, as stated below, vasectomies for BIRTH CONTROL is paid for by insurance...funny that men are able to separate the fact that some men use devices/meds to "do the deed" and insurance pays for a full-proof surgery that acts as a perfect way for a man to have as much sex as he likes without the added "burden" of starting a pregnancy. The male equivilancy for a "gov't. paid prostitute" is a man who avails himself of this surgical sterilization procedure.

The companies are just being cheap and sexist. They have not complained once about providing AIDS medication to employees, and I'm not talking about AIDS that you get from blood transfusions. These meds are way more expensive than b/c. They are cloaking their concerns under the guise of religion, but the issue is something else entirely. Contraception/hormones/bc is not an option. It is literally a life-saver for many, many women, and is used to treat/prevent many conditions and some diseases

If hypocrite CEO's want to hide behind their Bible to protect their profits instead of investing in their employees well being, then just say it.

Hobby Lobby, Papa John's, and Pizza Inn are all whining about contraceptives for women under HCA, but gladly paid for YEARS for male contraceptives - vasectomies.

Greedy hypocrites.....thy last name is Republican.

AMEN, CapturedAudience

Unlike being treated for a broken arm or for the flu, contraception is an option. It's illegal enough to require employers to provide insurance. This should be held up as an example of how little they care for tha Constitution and how they think women should be treated as gov't paid prostitutes.

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